EV - buy or wait?

Sadly, the effects of human-made climate change are already very much with us.

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I am well aware of that :wink:, I’m on about the poo hitting the fan when the governments finally realise that they actually have to put their money where their mouths are and stop punting and putting off the changes needed down the line.
I am not against EV’s, I never have been, I just don’t see they are the sole answer to the problems and I don’t have the cosy utopia view that it will all be done anytime soon and everything will be ok, not when lying self serving politicians and governments have anything to do with it, the constant bluster and bollocks from them really grates, it’s just mostly smoke and mirrors right up until it’s too late, if it isn’t already :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hope you don’t mind my picking this up again Griffin, but I suspect this sentiment is what is the hope of many politicians and industrialists.
I am about to be 76. I have had for many years a view that I am going to live to 120 and I thought over the next 40 years I might see the beginnings of what mankind would be facing and what changes we would be beginning to implement. I now realise we don’t have anything like that amount of time.
Change has already happened.

I know roughly how long I have though, I’m time limited :wink::neutral_face: this is why I moved to France to spend my time in the place I love and care about :sunglasses:


Such sentiment for Leroy Merlin, I’m filling up here. :joy:

So glad you find it funny.

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Probably, but there are long term trends which will be difficult if taken to their tipping point - most notably the acidification of the oceans and loss of ocean biomass.

Assuming we don’t completely screw things up the Earth “only” has somewhere between 500 million and a billion years left anyway, the sun is gradually increasing in luminosity with the result that warming is inevitable and the planet will eventually become inhabitable.


The human race will be long gone by then, killed off by it’s own stupidity, greed and aggression.

I wonder if we will last the next 100 years.

Some will. There will be parts of the world that will still be habitable and there will be those who prepare for a different way of life. Sadly, it’s likely to be the wealthiest who will survive because they will have the money and power to protect themselves.

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To a point, beyond that point some will find wealth is no use against an angry mob.

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Yes it will be, because the angry mob will get nowhere near them.

I think the ones that’ll survive will have the biggest group and guns, food, shelter and young women , (so back to basics of human life) those will have more value than financial wealth as we perceive it today.

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Well what a turn this thread has taken.

Does anyone remember the 1970’s series “The Survivors”? The themes were too adult for me at the time, but I wish I had seen more of the series as we seem to be getting awfully close to it.

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You are too tied to today’s norms and niceties.

We’re talking “society disintegrated” scenarios.

Pretty much, yes.

I disagree. Money is already putting in place a way of life that will help protect them.

So who you think is going to be able to afford the guns / shelter / food /young women but the world’s wealthiest? Not to mention means of power and transport.

Looking at history, rich bought private armies so what have we learned?

When it all goes belly up it won’t be EV’S they will be wanting to move around in, they will be raiding museums for all the combustion engine vehicles they can get, can you imagine Mad Max using EV’s :wink::smiley::laughing:


Yes, it was my favourite series back then and I have just recently dug out the original book and read it again. It was quite frightening to be honest and it was survival of the fittest and cleverest to start again. Money was no longer needed, food and amunition were the currency and I remember the survivors learning how to make soap from sheep fat etc, all things we would have to learn again. They made a remake of it in the 90’s/2000’s but it was not the same, had a different more military perspective and the characters were too glamorous to be survivors in dirty clothes and hungry.

I’d like to know what is going to happen to the EV second hand market. We know most of the batteries currently will have to be replaced within a few years and at a very high cost (my son was quoted approx €8000+ by VW for model he looked at and the limit they could guess at being around 7years from new). No one is going to pay such a high price and then find the batteries need replacing soon after, most of us don’t have the wherewithall finances to do that or get vehicle credit at the moment and for contract leasing either especially if on pension or low salary or with a family to support! Where I live, there are very few EV’s currently.