EV - buy or wait?

I thought that as well :flushed::face_with_peeking_eye::scream:

That burning bus, still rolling was :scream:. Several scenarios had me wondering if anyone was still inside.

My father had a Hillman Hunter that caught fire due to a leaking fuel pipe that went over the exhaust manifold. They’d parked in a motorway service station and, leaving my grandfather in the car, gone into the building. When they came back there was smoke rising from under the bonnet, but no flames.

It does look like EVs have the external combustion engine thing on another level though.

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I have seen one of the small electric buses they use in cities go up in flames and it was spectacular, luckily it wasn’t in a residential part but next to a park as it wasn’t by any means a small fire.

Seems only fair to show fuel cars as well, neither is a good situation.

Sodium ion batteries are much safer than li ion batteries. They’re still some way off being used in EVs but hopefully they’ll be more efficient soon.

40,000L of fuel in a tanker blowing up,isn’t really a fair comparison to a EV going up though and the fuel burns off fairly quickly and is a hell of a lot easier to put out.

I don’t think @Corona is particularly concerned about fair comparisons.


In this example it was just for pure gratuitous entertainment. With a lithium cell being a tightly sealed unit(s) they are always going to explode sensationally just like a fuel container.

That’s put me off buying one​:wink::rofl:

Video sponsored by Armco? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thank goodness we ordered the optional (heated) ejector seats. Whoever’s in the back at the time will have to sort themselves out, just like in the V bombers.


And burn and burn and burn and explode and burn…

That one Richard Hammond had his last crash in, in Switzerland, burned for three days apparently and even then was still smoking.

You have survived everything else, should be a breeze for you.

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Ooo bitchy :laughing:

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A bit inflammatory :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Simon Evans of Carbon Brief? Yeah, that’s going to be an entirely unbiased response.


Glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

Again these are just comebacks without substance. If you object to something why not come back with your own reasoning/thoughts and ideas?
Whilst I read RA article and agree with a number of the debunks there is also going to be bias from someone representing the big money behind de-carbonisation. I read RA’s article as dont jump to an EV just yet for a majority of people. If they suit your lifestyle and journeys not much wrong. Battety pack life, we have been over this so many times, they have a second life as home/factory battery supplies because the draw in power is so much less than in the EV. What second life has the oil extracted? Where do we reclaim the resources from spent oil? EV battery recycling like the solar panel recycling is something that will naturally progress as the need arises.

What worries me is that EV battery recycling will proceed in the same way as recycling electronics in general whereby the West ships ships material for recycling to 3rd world countries where low value material is discarded and high value material is recycled but in a hugely damaging way to the environment, while we claim the high ground for being “green”.