*Everyone* is a potential Covid Spreader

… so everyone must wear a mask when outside the home, or receiving non-resident others in the home, when visits should be no more than 3 minutes and strictly distanced

This will reduce contamination levels, and should be universally obligatory IMO. No equivocation, no évasions, no excuses.

Discuss, including appropriate sanctions.

Is that in France? What is your source?

[quote=“Mike_Kearney, post:2, topic:31151”]Is that in France? What is your source?

It’s a provocative suggestion, it’s origin is moi.

I’m sick of the pussy-footing around. It’s my experience that many and possibly most people wear masks because they believe it protects them from infection by others.

Virtually no-one thinks that they might be a source of infection thelselves. Why should they if they feel well? This IMO is the ‘elephant in the room’, but no-one has the bloody cheek to suggest it. Except, I think, me. I’m like that, and I also predict that many others feel the same way, but few will admit that they wear a mask primarily to protect themslves, and maybe others as an afterthought.

Be honest. That’s always been at the back of my mind. And not wanting to incur the disapproval or suspicions of masked others. It’s palpable.


Seems to be a cultural thing. When I first saw Japanese tourists wearing masks, my first reaction was “Bloody cheek, they don’t want to breathe our air!”
But then I realized that it was because they had a cold and good manners made it an obligation to avoid spreading their viruses around.
We can all learn wisdom from the Orient!


You mean like eating wild animals bought in wet markets? :wink:


Yes we do, it’s called “fish!”


You can ‘catch’ CV from eating fish, who knew? :grinning:

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I was actually talking about Japanese tourists.
Not even Trump has dared to accuse them of being the source of Covid-19.
But it seems you do. . . . . .

Can we stop this. I think Peter has said something very important and it would be a pity if we were to drift away from his serious message so soon.

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These days most people I talk to have clocked that they wear cloth masks to protect others as the home made ones only provide minimal protection to you.

I wear a mask if I am anywhere populated over a certain density, but not going for a walk in the forest…


I’ve not accused any one of anything Mike, you brought up Leyton Orient. :grinning:

Don’t worry I’ll butt out now as clearly humour is not wanted on this thread.

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But it seems to be a French cultural thing, that it is unspeakably rude to tell your relatives to sod off, if they decide to spend some time with you in your sunny rural retreat!

Everyone should protect themselves in order to protect others.


Not so with my immediate neighbours…
Family members from Marseilles, Lyon or wherever… are arriving with military precision. On a precise day… lunch in the garden and off again as night descends… I’ve no idea where they go at such an hour…

The son and his wife are staying with Grandma for a month. They’ve been self isolating in their house on the outskirts of Paris and are being very careful now they are here… wearing masks indoors and out as directed … except when they are walking the empty country lanes… gel/soap/you name it … they’ve got it and they’re using it…

On the other hand… neighbours down the street… they’ve got family and friends coming from all over… everyone shares generous hugs , then it’s straight indoors, no masks in sight at any time during the various visits… but perhaps they do don masks when going shopping…

It’s a rum do…


It’s family! People like us don’t spread diseases, only . . . . . ?

Ha ha… my point was the different ways that families/households are behaving… some are being so careful … and some simply do not seem to care…

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The emphasis is wrong, Fleur IMO. The emphasis should be on the civic duty we each have to protect others from contamination by us. No-one knows that they are infection free, even those who have tested negative. They may be incubating the virus.

The emphasis should be on civic responsibility not to be a silent, unaware and stealthy speader.

People who don’t wear masks in proximity to others should be stigmatised as potentially ‘unclean’. Shamed into compliance, or penalised for being a threat to the public health, and à public nuisance.

If people can be collared for pissing in the street, what’s the fecking difference? :thinking::angry:


It is possible that many people are obeying the rules for the simple, selfish reason that they don’t want to go back into lockdown. But that isn’t necessarily bad, so long as they comply.

Wet market = haddock and plaice.

Hole in one, Mike! :hugs::hole::one:

Hate the damn things and nothing I’ve read convinces me they work either way…

It’s like putting up a chicken wire fence around your garden and expecting it to stop mosquitos flying in and out…

“ We see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” Tegnell said.

Sweden, which has not even instituted a lock down at any time, appears to be seeing a downward trend in cases.

At the beginning of this week, Sweden announced just 398 new cases, down from 767 the week before and 2,530 one month ago.

“The curves go down, and the curves over the seriously ill begin to be very close to zero. As a whole, it is very positive,” Tegnell asserted.


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