*Everyone* is a potential Covid Spreader

You cannot mandate “everyone” to wear a mask with no exemptions…that way lies medical tyranny and would come across how (“I kept my pants on”) Dershowitz does when discussing mandatory vaccination…

You would be forcing people like my mom in uk who on a good day has oxygen levels of just over 90 to compromise their health (not even her doctor is recommending it) and in my eyes forcing children to wear a mask is tantamount to child abuse…thankfully children under 11 are exempt in uk…

There should be no sanctions for those who after speaking to their doctor (or even if they don’t) choose not to compromise their own immune systems…

I know you are playing devils advocate here and asking for opinions…and that’s mine…:grinning:

My family always use and have always used humour to deal with the most darkest of situations…

The soul destroying mind numbing sense of sense of humour bypass is quite palpable amongst me and mine currently and we are actively surrounding each other with love and laughter to combat it…my favourite memes at the minute are…:grinning:

And…language alert… and maybe not everyone’s sense of humour but funny…:grinning:


Sweden didn’t have a lockdown and have one of the worst death rates. You aren’t going to sell your ideas using Sweden has an example
Wearing a mask would not affect your mother’s oxygen levels


Caught with me pants down right proper this time, Helen! :jeans::point_down::joy:

Really sorry to hear of your Mum’s continuing suffering, but know she is surrounded by your love and positivity.

I tend to agree with @Eddie re her sats, but if anyone has breathing difficulties a mask can feel very oppressive to the point of suffocation.

Stay sunny side up! :point_up_2::sunny::hugs: X

PS love the look of horror on the cat’s face in the arms of Corooooooooooona! :ghost::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PPS Still think masks are important in reducing spread of virus and encourage distancing. Less sure about hand-washing as recontamination is almost instantaneous :cos face and nose touching is a universal unconscious reflex and so immediate recontamination is likely occur.

It’s a placebo gesture IMO.

In my view, piercing a child’s ears is tantamount to child abuse and unlike wearing a mask, serves no useful purpose.


Hand gel is probably better because you can carry it around with you and use it immediately you have touched a suspect surface.
But take a look at almost any smartphone screen and you will see how dirty the average person’s hands are. Even without Covid-19 hand washing is important, in my view.
But when you turn on the water, you will transfer the virus to the tap handle and recontaminate your hands next time you touch it, likewise the door handle when you entered the house. Even so, reducing the level of contamination may give the immune system more time to react before the virus has reproduced sufficiently to become life threatening. Just an unscientific guess!

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I agree Mike, all of this is about “viral load” and doing the best we can to keep it below a critical level. Hence, every little bit helps. I carry hand gel everywhere and spray it on supermarket trolley handles, my hands as I get out the car, my hands after I’ve been given my weighed bag of veg back, my hands after I’ve been through the checkout.
Wearing a masks on the whole is the same principle. Every cough / sneeze / heavy breath out that is contained (however imperfectly) helps keep the viral load down.
I resent anyone who “doesn’t think masks work” from carrying out the same act as someone who smokes in my presence and forces their appalling habit on me. I really don’t care if someone chooses to kill themselves by their selfishness. What really annoys me is that they think it’s ok to take me with them.


I agree Peter. Perhaps I should have written, “Everyone should protect others by protecting themselves” (by wearing a mask).

The simple act of speaking sprays droplets towards the person addressed: many or most words involve plosives (sounds that involve the forcible ejection of moist air and saliva from the mouth) as in saying bonjour or au revoir. Words containing a sibilant like ‘s’ (bonsoir, merci) are even more moisture-laden.

The air is briefly contained behind sealed lips in the b sound, and behind tongue and hard palate in forming the j sound, then pushed out of the mouth in a moisture bearing spray, that carries at a distance of over 1 metre. Sibilants involve rapid vibratory movements of the tongue-tip which generates spray.

Try it and see. :stuck_out_tongue::astonished:

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This seems to be happening all over the place. So many people think that they are exceptions to the rule and all they are doing is continuing the very lock-down they hated so much.
Brainless, selfish and feckless every single one of them and I think that this applies to all sections of the community that behaves in this selfish manner. There are no exceptions, not for young people who feel hard done by, religious festivals or missing family members and loved ones.

You remind me of a clip I saw in a report from the USA. This lady was not going to get Covid because she was protected by the blood of Christ.
We all need protecting from those who are asymptomatic and those who are harbouring this appalling disease.
It is becoming increasingly apparent that people are left with life changing conditions after suffering from a severe attack of Covid and I, for one, would not want to think that I could have done something to prevent that happening and chose not to.


Fake blood of Christ! It’s a cheap Chinese knock off. . .

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You’re sharp as the proverbial razor these days, Mike. Hope you’re not gearing up to fall off your perch as in the dying candle burns brightest etc etc :thinking::candle::mobile_phone_off::fallen_leaf::confused:

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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People who think themselves different from the rest of us and mask wearing is not for them should be fined and anti-vaccers should be made to distinguish themselves in some way so that the rest of us that care about protecting humanity can keep well away from them.


Sorry Helen it was early this morning when I previously replied. Can you give me scientific proof that wearing a mask risks someone’s immune system?

No apologies needed Eddie…:grinning:

Lots of links here if interested…

No offence Helen, but I know what I believe and I have some knowledge of anatomy and physiology,and the respiratory system

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. . . . and an American!

Well I’m not sure why what you posted there and Dr Blaylock being an American has anything to do with all the research links listed but each to their own :slightly_smiling_face: