Expat survey for program i'm creating

Hello everyone! I've been living in Foix, near Toulouse, for 2 years, and am so happy to have found this website. What a great way to exchange! I have learned so much during my time here, that I'm actually starting to do coaching for expat women!!

What were some of the most important "discoveries" you have made during your time in France, if you don't mind my asking? Also, what advice do you give people interested in moving here, or who just arrived? I'm putting together a program, and would love feedback from anyone willing to share!! If any of you are interested, attached is a 20-question survey that would be incredibly helpful and appreciated!

Have a wonderful day, and looking forward to meeting and sharing with you all!

Hi Sheila! Thank you so much for your response :) Great advice! I have just joined the group, and will definitely post... Are you from the UK? If you are interested in filling out the questionnaire, I'd be very happy to get your responses if yuo have a moment!


Hi Eyenie. I just took a look at your questionnaire, which it seems is primarily aimed at American women in France. You might like to think about posting your discussion here: http://www.survivefrance.com/group/americansinfrance

For those of you who would like to help me out by participating in a survey I created regarding living in France, here it is attached...sorry I don't think it worked the first time :)