F1 2023 Season

It’s finally the 2023 F1 season. Here’s hoping we’ll see close racing.

Hopefully Mercedes will be more competitive this season, although pre-season testing and the free practice sessions don’t look promising for them. And it would be good if Red Bull are less dominant.


What was the point of posting that? :man_shrugging: If you’re not interested, feel free to mute this thread.

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Thats the best suggestion you’ve made :blush: hope Red Bull are not as they were

Looking forward to it, not sure Hamilton/Russell have the car…yet

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Sadly these days the cars sound like the tinny little two strokes that kids scream around on. Just like the Yamaha 125 AS1 I used to go to school on.

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Yes, I agree that the sound of a modern F1 car isn’t as good as it was in the V10 era. But it still sounds better than a Formula E car :wink:

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That visor cam footage is amazing. You really get to see how much the car shakes, plus it gives a good indication of how little the halo really affects a driver’s view compared to when looking at it from the outside of the car. Thanks for sharing it, @John_Scully :+1:

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Another couple of weeks before the proper racing starts
Moto GP

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Red Bull lock out the front row, then Ferrari, very interesting to see Alonso/Aston Martin up there, disappointing mercedes, looking forward to tomorrow.

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Hamilton looked really deflated in an interview yesterday. I get that Merc will have upgrades, but if they’re already on the back foot then it’s not promising. Their upgrades will just bring them to where RB & Ferrari are today so assuming they also bring updates too, Merc will always be playing catch-up.

Fun ahead.

Now what???

Mercedes Concedes It was Wrong to Keep 2022 Car Concept …

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One careful owner, never raced or rallied.

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I’m not quite into @Corona’s “ZZZZZzzzzzzz” territory but F1 has got to the point where almost identically expert drivers hurtle around a track in almost identically (and ludicrously) fast cars which can be a bit yawn inducing.

E.g. - the difference in qualifying times for Verstappen (pole) and Hamilton (7th on the grid) is just 676milliseconds - given the 90-odd second lap times that is just 0.75% difference in the performance of the two drivers/cars - not forgetting that there are 5 drivers inbetween, even tinier percentage points different from the lead driver.


Hence Bernie wanting each track to be fitted out with sprinklers that could be randomly switched on during a race to make it more interesting :grin:

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Ooh what a good idea, little bit of diesel hahaha.

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My thoughts on today’s race…

Lots of action from #3 downwards, which fortunately meant we didn’t see anything of the Red Bulls or hear the insufferable Christian Horner until the final lap.

Ferrari’s pace doesn’t seem there quite yet. Although Leclerc did well to hold Checo back as long as he did, it was clear that - like last year - they can perform well on Saturday but don’t deliver on race day. They’ll undoubtedly mess up the strategy comme d’hab in any case.

Mercedes did better than I expected but I can’t see them winning many (any?) races this season.

Aston Martin, however, wow… Great drive by Alonso. I’m not normally a huge Lance Stroll fan but he had a great race too. Maybe I was too harsh in the past and now he’s got a decent car he’ll prove me wrong after all.

After today’s race I still don’t like Bahrain as a circuit. Would not be unhappy if it was dropped from the calendar.

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Bahrain - a sterile boring track, like so many of the “modern” ones.

And judging by this race F1 is not fit for purpose.

The solution - get WRC/ERC back on the screen. Very competitive, plenty of action, and unpredictable !!

Ther’s more action on bake off than F1 :joy: