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Morning peeps,

Anyone else fed up with FB Inc merging their joint platforms?
I deleted all of my FB affiliated apps/profiles at the weekend after the news that they are all going to be merged by the end of this year.
That means that all of your data and contacts will be shared freely by FB on all of their brands, not as currently.
I’m just a bit over it.
It’s funny though how many of my friends are alarmed at the prospect of using sms and email to stay in touch.
Made me chuckle.

Telegraph.org seems to be a reasonable substitute :slight_smile:

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Please can you explain what you mean. I’ve always been quite happy about using Facebook and Messanger as it’s very straightforward to control the security level I want. I’m not sure what I should be afraid of.

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Hi David,
We all have to make decisions about how comfortable we are at our data being shared. The ease of use of a platform can very often be to the benefit of the platform owner £€$
I disagree with their policy of sharing your contacts across all brands.
When FB acquired WhatsApp and Instagram it was on the understanding that they would remain separate and not be aligned with in the main brand.
Now that has changed with their declaration on Friday, and may explain the sudden resignation of the founders of both WhatsApp and Instagram last year as it is now known this has been in discussion for 12 months under the direction of MZ.

Just time for me to step away is all.

I really don’t get your point. I’m not sure what damage Facebook can cause me by sharing my name and what is basically a throw-away email address. As I use neither WattsApp nor Instagram what happens there is of no importance to me. You make it sound as though something awful is happening but I think you might just be jumping on the bandwagon thinking it’s trendy to spread fear of something that does not exist.

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I use FB merely to keep in touch with friends around the world ( when I use the term friends I mean the people I have personally met and want to be friends with). There are a lot of people on FB who have x hundred friends, how the heck can you have so many , their friends, unless you put in controls, can ‘see’ what you post.
Like David I control my security and its at the highest level.
As for all these other apps I don’t use them and have no wish to !

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That’s fine then David, you don’t get my point, but chose to reply to the post?

Have you seen any of the news on FB over the past year or so?
How they generate revenue?

I’m not spreading any fear, those are your words and your interpretation, which of course is your opinion and you are perfectly entitled to have it.
As am I.

As a user of several of the apps owned by FB it is merely my choice given their recently announced move to an integrated platform to stop using them.

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That’s great Ann,
I’m sure that the vast majority of FB users will not have any issues with the platform changes at all.

I do, clearly.

As a user of several of their other apps it gives me reason for concern.

It is however slightly naive to think that you have much control over what happens to your personal and shared information in the settings options on FB.
That ship sailed a long time ago. Your details have already been sold, and that of any and every person you have ever contacted or replied, tagged or liked on FB.
That was the point of the hearings last year in the US, UE and UK.

FB provides a re really useful service for millions of people, but it is not free. And all I am saying in my post is that I now choose not to be a source of further income for MZ et al.

The fake news tag is a bit Donald Trump and over used now don’t you think?

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I replied to your post because I don’t have a clue what you are getting at and your reply added nothing. I can only believe that you’ve heard something that you yourself don’t understand so can’t explain or that you are making a fuss over nothing. If you are able to explain what the perceived danger is I would be glad to hear it. Meaningless words are not enough.

What is this shared information that has been sold?

Well as I only use FB to share photos and brief messages with my friends I can’t see any problems.

If someone is willing to buy that information then they are welcome to it, I have nothing to hide.

After all, in this modern day and age all sorts of information is shared. If you use a bank card for your shopping, petrol or whatever, if you use a store card all this information is stored and shared. Google does the same and I supose many other search sites …

Basically David, they (FB), build a picture of an individual using the selections people make in what they “LIKE” on FB. As an example, pages of promotions, where they visit…all those small features that FB has, someone somewhere click on. Besides basic things like age etc etc. You can have settings that Joe public cannot see… But FB has those records. Now what they term data, is all those things mentioned previously. What they do with it is sell it, for marketing purposes.

I still don’t see how that affects me and why I should be worried about it. I believe SuperU does a similar thing with my store card and I’d hate to think what those autoroute pass things do…

That’s really rude David. Do some research and you’ll see that @anon42626915 is right.


Right about what James? The way I use Facebook doesn’t provide any information that I believe should not be in the public domain. They can do what they like with any data that they’ve generated about me it’s worthless. I believe the post is scaremongering. We live in a digital age and we all leave a digital footprint but it doesn’t matter what size your boots are none of it will have any consequence for the majority of people. In fact sites like SFN have more of a negative influence on my life than FB does because of the way it targets it’s advertising.

He’s right about data harvesting, wether or not it bothers you is another matter. And telling him to get a life was rude.

Having a very quick look at the Dylan Curran link there are loads of things on there that I never use or would ever use.
I suppose if I was a techie and had smart phones etc ; and linked loads of apps between them and what I was doing where I was etc; it would build up a picture of my activities.
As it is apart from FB between close friends, and Sf France most of my computer use is limited to research on the few subjects that really appeal to me…
Going wildly of subject my concerns for the future, won’t be in my time, are that one day when babies are born a chip will be implanted under their skin with all sorts of details, including medical and parents details, now that I find spooky and would worry about.
What do you think ?

It’s a shame that he couldn’t explain why he is warning people. He is uniformed and just riding on a bandwagon. As I have pointed out data is generated and harvested left, right and centre and it’s either something we deal with or take steps to remove ourselves from the cycle. Me, my life is simple, my FB page would offer no clues to my political persuasion, spending habits or even views on Brexit, it’s just data, benign and worthless data.

My main point being that you were rude, if you can’t disagree without being insulting then you should avoid replying at all.


I’ve edited the post. I also believe that unnecessary scaremongering should be challenged.