Facebook is Down

Shock horror… folk will actually have to speak face to face… or telephone…


Bit difficult sometimes when you live in different time zones.

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well, I’m happy to get a call from my family across the world these days… might be a bit sleepy, but with covid… I’m just glad they’re still OK and want to chat… :hugs:

Has the Mothership from Zuckerberg’s home planet arrived?


I call my family in the UK and Australia using WhatsApp! Not everyone still has a landline !!

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My family call my mobile… as it’s always near me…
Sometimes it’s obvious they’ve rung on the spur of the moment… without a thought of the time differences… :rofl:

This is a disaster, well whatsapp is, apart from it being free, its a brilliant way to communicate with family and friends. None of my kids have landlines, its just old hat

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Telegram is still working nicely.

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semaphore, then

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good grief… that takes me back… I recall my brother learning that… he drove us all mad.


I use WhatsApp etc for calls ,on my mobile ! It’s just free !!

WhatsApp is down as well, is it not?

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Anybody got a shilling for the meter?

My WhatsApp has been working fine today, don’t know what all the fuss is about :thinking:

I was making the point that there are more ways to talk to people than just by using a traditional handset connected to a landline.

But yes!!

reading the comments has reminded me of the thrill I felt when we first used Skype …

absolutely magical seeing the reaction on someone’s face, as we chattted and laughed… and knowing they could see mine too …

my mobile means they can chat with me whenever… but, I agree… they can’t see me.

Somewhere inside The Zuckerbunker, a network change management team is having an “interview without biscuits”.

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Yes, there are now multiple ways to communicate with people using our devices.

The problem being that the telecoms industry has years of experience in providing resilient networks in a way that single-platform Internet services rarely manage to duplicate.

Which becomes apparent when people rely on these newer platforms.

Perhaps people will eventually flip back to more traditional telecoms providers when they factor in reliability.