Facebook wants my data or else

Just received the following message whilst attempting access Facebook.

Anyone else getting these?

It’s all down to GDPR…

I assumed that Facebook wanted to sell / use my personal info.

Well, yes, but they’ve been doing that for years. Now they’re offering you the option to pay them to stop doing so.


Yes didn’t understand it so clicked on what I thought would get rid of it, and now I have adverts where I never had them before.

With only 2 regular contacts using the messaging system I might ditch it altogether when I find another way. Email or Skype, trouble is only one of them will agree I suspect.

Interesting video from the blackbelt Barrister.


They seem to have neglected the option where you don’t use their products at all.


That’s certainly my preference!

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Yes. Reluctantly I’ve clicked on the “I don’t want to pay you” sequence of boxes. I resent having to access FB at all. The sole purpose in my case is for finding out what’s going on at our Mairie and Maire, who only post news of any use on FB.

My solution - however futile - is to register for FB in the name of my dog, create an entirely fictional age, address, nationality, email address, interests, likes etc so at least little meaningful data, bar a mobile number, is reaching FB.

I got it too and signed to get rid of it but not to pay a monthly subscription fee. Its handy for me as I use it speak via the video service to family in the US and UK and also keep up with various sites I like to visit for info. The only annoying things so far are the Reels and “things you might be interested in” but I just ignore them. I can’t bemoan FB because I have found long lost friends who I would not have been able to contact so easily.

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I think it’s possibly to do with the EU Digital Services Act as well. Facebook/Meta have been fighting with the EU about data harvesting and retention for many years and backed down recently. They announced this about a month ago. They chose to offer a free service with data harvesting with the customers consent, or a paid service.
How long do you think before they are caught harvesting data from paying customers ?

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You need to tell the maire about PanneauPocket.

If you’re in a small commune it’s free for the commune, and always free for the users.


Unfortunately, if you sign up for the free service, you’re basically giving them carte blanch to rip any and all information from you that it’s possible for them to access. That could include you browsing history, phone book, call logs etc, etc.

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Is that not exactly where we were before?

Yes, but you now have to explicitly agree to it…

I think that they may be being clever here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have expanded the scope of their collection activities. Before, it was a free only service and there were (theoretically) regulations attached to this as far as data collection and protection is concerned. Now they have gone to a paid model with the option of a ‘free’ tier, it may be that the regulations will be more relaxed in this area for the ‘free’ tier, having got ‘consent’ from the user as a means to avoid payment. There will certainly be analysys of the terms soon and I’ll read them with interest.

I’ve looked at the terms and also at their privacy policy and I must say that the level of data harvesting and particularly the use of it is quite a bit in excess of what I thought they were doing before. They appear to be using the content of posts and messages to sell on to others in addition to the more obvious ones of working out where you live and who you know.

I am going to delete the account once I’ve notified the very few people I’m in contact with there.

Disgusting cretins. I stopped using them a decade ago.

I tell lies to every signup except my bank, how dare these companies ask personal data questions. So far my mother had about 30 maiden names and I have many addresses and birthdates.


The main problem, in my view, is not the data you explicitly supply them with (although as @Corona says there is always the possibility of lying), it’s the other stuff. Microsoft makes a great thing of their policy, whether it’s true or not, of only harevsting meta data but FB says in their privacy policy that they take, or can take, everything and tie it to you for onward sale. Everything you put in posts, including photos, plus, I think, personal messages. They know where you are at any moment if you have FB on your phone, where you have shopped etc etc etc. It’s not nice.