Farage's swansong?

Old Nigel as vitriolic as usual but put in his place by Mairead McGuinness.

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I am sure I could find a better place for Farage and his ilk!

Somebody asked in another thread recently about positive effects of brexit - I guess not having the embarrassment of Farage and his cronies in the European Parliament qualifies as one!


I also think it’s a wakeup call for Brussels. There does need to be reform IMO.


I wonder. My experience of clubs over the years - photo, drama, etc - is that if someone storms off in a huff everyone else in the club breathes a sigh of relief and life goes on as normal. I don’t expect the EU “Club” to behave any differently.

Surely one has to give Nigel Farage credit for his persistence if nothing else. After all, it is 27 years since he resigned from the Conservative Party over the Maastricht Treaty.
Finally, he has achieved his objective (or at least the first part of it), despite a time line that would have caused many folks to just give it up as a lost cause.


No I wouldn’t give Nigel Farage any credit for what he has achieved.

He is simply a gurning joke.


If you analyse his political career then you’d have to say he was one of the most influential people of the last 20 years as regards UK and EU politics and without his determination to keep going then I doubt we’d have left the EU last night. The hypocrisy of campaigning for the UK to leave the EU whilst pocketing an MEP salary of £75k a year makes me loathe the man but he is a media darling so I doubt he’ll disappear from our screens any time soon.


Strictly Come Dancing next?

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I’m a Celebrity, allegedly.

One man’s hero is another man’s villain. You and I are unlikely to agree on anything and in my opinion Farage has done untold damage to your country and anyone who puts him on a pedestal is a fool. He will go down as one of the most pathetic and unpleasant ambassadors that Great Britain has had to endure. His behaviour at times in Europe beggars belief. But you still hold him with esteem. Bizarre.


So, is it Farage’s love of England (he obviously doesn’t give a damn about democracy in NI or Scotland) or his hatred of the EU that drives him?

I have yet to see him put his head through a horse collar, which would be a great improvement, but perhaps a pillory or the stocks would be even better.
You can tell the mentality of the people to whom he appeals by the words of one Yorkshireman who , when interviewed, said, ‘: The only thing I want to see in Europe is Leeds United.’


He is an appalling excuse for a politician, a ghastly man, an absolute hypocrite and egomaniac, simply frightful.
As for persistent, so are mange and tapeworms.


Yep x and they had a vote based on lies. I am a northern girl😂 but at least my brain didn’t drop out at the polling station x


Watching the video @John_Scully posted, I think you would need to have been brainwashed not to recognise which one of the two is more credible when contrastFarage’s rant and McGuinness’ icey calm, calling him out for talking about “hate”.

I don’t like his politics or his modus operandi one bit. But I can’t deny that his persistence, single-mindedness and determination are admirable virtues.

I can’t get the picture out of my mind of him rising out of the wreckage of that crashed aeroplane, dazed, dishevelled and seriously injured. But with dignity and a fighting spirit.

And he always appears in public well-turned out and never raucous or ill-tempered. Quite a character: he won’t be easily brushed aside by history, I reckon.


Totally Geof. I briefly watched the display, along with rehearsed flag waving, in embarrassment. Hoping that the rest of the EU & world did not think the average UK person was such an arrogant/rude/self serving/egotistical prat.

Some generalisation Jane! Would you care to elaborate?