Fascinated by forum chatbots! Have you got one, SF?

They are Google magic, you can read all about them! https://get.outgrow.co/chatbots/?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=std_lp&utm_campaign=chatbots&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9pDpBRCkARIsAOzRzivoD9GmB29sTVSx94L8sxc9xAMUVIPsCv0mzIPXWuYDQG7uuiY82IwaAivGEALw_wcB

@Jeanette_Leuers: they are Google🙃


“Do I know you? Your voice sounds familiar.”


“If It’s home insulation or double glazing I’ve had both done recently, thank you.”


“Did I catch RisAOzRzivo? Your voice is rather indistinct. I think we may have met. Does Cv0mzIP mean anything to you?”


“Well, well, would you believe it! It’s been ages! Are you still with 7uuiY? How is she doing?” :hugs::zipper_mouth_face:

Peter, what is a ‘patron’?
Sinister, synthetic, a person that is not.
Ask Norman about the FB bot, it just spoke to him, too.

I asked the same question “What is a patron?” a few years back, Jeanette. I thought it meant a protector, a mentor and a source of guidance on values and right conduct.

In SF terms it means one who makes a small regular contribution to the enterprise’s funds, so as to help keep the wheels turning, so to speak. No more than that.

What did you have in mind by your question to me? :thinking::grinning:

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I could get one made, a bot to replicate (ie copy not" like"!!)" one of these two. The guy who thinks hes a unicorn may be best,.for me to supply answers, :blush:. https://youtu.be/WnzlbyTZsQY