Fast food habits in France

Two interesting reports on fast food habits. Really don’t like the reporting style in The Local’s piece but the statistics are interesting.

I have noticed since first coming to France that more and more French people are overweight in the area I live in, especially young people. I imagine it’s all connected… :thinking:

We have to drive 14k there and back for a takeaway pizza.
Not so fast.
Super U do a very good chorizo one and we usually have a couple in the freezer.

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There are 2 fast food restaurants in the villages either side of ours (ours is too small for one) and both are pizza shops. Just 5 minutes drive for us but they’re expensive. I prefer to buy a simple cheese and tomato pizza and add our own toppings :yum::yum:

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Like you Mandy… I generally have a basic cheese/tomato pizza in the freezer… and then, if I wish, I can add whatever takes our fancy… :grin:

I suppose we have pizza twice a month… when time or enthusiasm is lacking…


we do pizza once a month from the van in the village but we regularly make our own, my son hates any cheese but catherdral city mature and loves ham tomato and pineapple pizza.

making our own saves a fortune too.

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we make our own…rolling out the dough…thin.
j says that tomatoes make a pizza soggy.
So his half has not tomato.
Fav pizza is Pizza Expess UK

Pizza express used to be good about 30 years ago. Last time I had one it was half the size of what they used to be, with a really slimmed down amount of topping, normally pepperoni for me, and not cheap.

Good…well smaller is ok.
They are still the best for me.
Nothing is cheap.
To run a restaurant certainly is not cheap.