Fast Track French!

Apparently, I now qualify for Citizenship, pretty simply, as my French Wife and I have been married more than 4yrs, and without the need for the language test. Nice to know, though I wont be rushing to take advantage, 'til we see what happens when/if the break occurs.

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Why not go for it, you can have two passports, no downside as far as I’m aware?

Thanks for the observations James, but being a ‘Libran’, of course, I have to consider it from ‘all’ angles, the one that concerns me most, is, any implication re my UK will being enacted on my ‘demise’.

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Good point

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We have an article on wills in case there is anything of interest there

Thanks for that James, will give it a ‘severe looking at’ this evening :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bill,

Can’t find any news on what you mentioned?

Can you link it to anything you read?



It was on here Martin.
Brexit and EU Citizens Rights.
Regards, Bill.

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