Favorite cookie Recipes

I am baking sugar cookies today and was wondering what y’alls favorite cookie recipes are??!!

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I am baking my Aunt Marjory’s oat biscuits this afternoon for the meeting of the Dames de Lundi which is here tomorrow morning.
I remember eating them at farmhouse teas, along with delicious shortbread and fruit cake.

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Now Jane you simply cannot tantalise me by mentioning your Aunt Marjory’s oat biscuits and not put a recipe!!!
(I love oat biscuits and we all bake)
Please please a recipe

Thought I would shoehorn this in here :slight_smile:

Homemade bagels!

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8oz plan flour

8oz butter

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Something has gone with this post.
I will repost.
I made them this afternoon and they are still as good as ever.
You can console yourself thatvwith all the butter and sugar the oats are healthy.


I was going to ask, where are the oats? :grinning: