Feral cats

Mr Pest Controller here with a pest problem I don’t know the answer to, so cat lovers, please help!

I have a supermarket client who is invaded by feral cats who procreate and defecate throughout the storage depot. Currently there are at least 10 adults plus litters. Does anybody know of a legal way to remove them or fix the problem, or would like to undertake the task? The “Magic Bus” isn’t an option!

18 Cher.

oh dear.
This is what happens when people get selfish and do not help the other
creatures of the world.
Your client will need to seek advise from his local SPA or
vet to get cat traps and pay for professional help to trap the poor things
and get them all neutered …and, in turn the tiny when they are of
neutering age.
These poor things are probably all hungry and cold. Is your client kind?
It was dramatic, draining and costly but we have been through something similar.
We have a healthy happy family of cats and one or two…or 3 who live in the barn.
They all eat like kings and queens and we love them.
I hope that your client loves cats.

Hi Barbara…

Whether or not the client loves/likes cats… something has to be done to remove them.

I rather suspect that the client is mostly concerned about Health Issues possibly arising from these feral cats living/defecating on his premises. This could result in his business closing until the problem is solved. … no wonder he wants something done… let’s hope the cats are removed from his premises and dealt with as humanely as possible asap.


Thanks Stella!
Correct, it’s a national supermarket chain. You can’t have cats/kittens, fluffy as they are defecating over the merchandise!

There is a big problem with feral cats where we live but a small cat charity is doing its best. They trap, neuter/sterilize, chip, worm etc and either rehome or release where they were found. Most either stay in Sandrine’s camper van or some rooms someone has kindly lent to her. She gives all her time to this and people generally try and help out if equipment, food, litter etc is needed. Maybe there’s something similar near you.

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I was not suggesting that the cats stay in the supermarket!!!
Or that their presence is permisable in accordance with health and safety but
the way I have suggested is possibly the only kind way. We have take some responsibility.
They will need to be moved to another site/place…a big, big job…I had no help financially or otherwise with my wild visitors…will a supermarket get it…I doubt it.
What alternative is there?
How many Sandrines are there?

Unpleasant but sensible solution (IMO) - have put them down.

Shall now prepare for incoming!

Ha ha! That’s what I’d do, I prefer dogs!

Unfortunately there are French laws they ignore, like DDT application and French “fluffy” laws where lynching is the result if you deviate!

@robert_moon As suggested contact local SPA to find a solution. It is unfortunate that they may have to put some of the cats to sleep if there are just too many as often feral cat colonies are upwards of 30 to 50 cats which it sounds like with all the kittens on route is getting high numbers.

Its unfortunate that the number has been left to get so high unless they were pushed out of another area and moved into the place in high numbers.

SPA and local cat associations may well be able to split the buden between them and an offer of some financial assistance or some food would not go ammis.

Contact this association they may have some local contacts for you: http://chatsduquercy.fr/en/

Thanks Harry
I’ve heard of chats de quercy via another forum.

@Lynn_STONE is a member here, she may be able to offer some advice

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a supermarket would not have to pay for neutering nor the removal as feral cat collines and wild dogs coe under the marie. They may however have to pay for a professional to come and trap them which could be claimed off insurance.

while its great you have saved a few its impossible for a supermarket to keep cats same as a restaurant imagine going to a restaurant to find it full of cats in the kitchen cats in the dining area. while Ratatouille was a brilliant movie Catatouille in real life would just not be accepted. Plus the damage the cats would do to such huge numbers of stock would be very costly and in turn bring in other rodents in high numbers.

Supermarkets when invaded by such high numbers or even low numbers ,that to call in someone to trap them is a sad fact and its unfortunate that a great number of them unless an association can be found to take on the financial burden of them could be found would be put to sleep but not at the supermarkets expense.

I’m sorry you had no help but that is 100% down to your marie who’s responsibility it falls down to for wild dogs and feral cats. most maris have an agreement with places and fouriers.

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Well sadly this type of help is unknown in my region. I contacted
many associations and asked people …including people on here.
And I will repeat that I 100% agree that this situation is not permisable in
a supermarket or restaurant.


Thanks Barbara
Your input is greatly appreciated. I can legally nuke rats, caterpillars, bed bugs, pigeons but the moment one mentions cats, it all gets emotive.

I did have a wonderful lady visit me when my beautiful Dusty had kittens.
She was a true cat lover and she made sure that I was going to do every thing
the right way. Her help was advisory and she even showed me how to handle
pipets for worming etc.
We keep in touch…happy Christmas.
Dusty died on the road several years back and it still hurts to talk about it
but I still have have some of her teeny ones ( not teeny any longer) although
Miso and Tofu were also killed on that back road.
Not every one feels the same way as J and I but the cats come first.

Trapping, neutering and re-releasing is the humane way to deal with the population but not exactly cheap and rather longer-term than your client might want!

I guess repellants of one sort or another might help keep them out of specific areas.

Is there anything that you can do with their prey population, especially if rats/mice are the bulk of it?

I’ve had a good long chat with Lynne at Chats du Quercy, who suggests Trap, vaccinate, sterilise release. She will take over the logistics as she has organisations nationally. Thanks y’all for your input!

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Nice to speak to you Rob, don’t hesitate to give our details to the Supermarket so the situation can be controlled
0563947397 www.chatsduquercy.fr


I think the main food source is the cat lovers feeding them, so will have to advise them not to do it. I have traps, but Chats du Quercy do not recommend fox traps (not that I trap foxes!) as they can chop the tail off, which isn’t so good for cats.

Yes that is what I did…and did I not mention it…perhaps not in detail?

But can Lynn pay for this or organise it?
It is a big job.