Feral cats

(robert moon) #21

CduQ is a charity as far as I’m aware, the cost will be down to the Supermarché

(Paul Flinders) #22

Fox traps probably too small for cat lovers anyway :slight_smile:

(Lynn STONE) #23

There are humaine and legal requirements to trapping and dealing with these situations, and there is financial help available, which is why we’d need to talk and organise with the supermarket.
Logistics of trapping are the main source of worry, and stopping those who feed the cats during the trapping can be the most difficult.

(Lynn STONE) #24

It’s illegal for Mairies to send feral/wild cats to the fourriere , they are obliged to put in place a tnr (Trap-Neuter-Return) even though many don’t! Mairies are also obliged to have a fourriere (and again many don’t) or to sign up to one where unidentified domesticated cats are taken and if not reclaimed by their owners, can be put to sleep within 10 days, which is why it is essential and a legal obligation for ALL cats to be identified.

(anon54681821) #25

fourier for dogs and maybe my bad grammar was misunderstood as i was talking of both and mixed up my sentence, bloomin dyslexia. Maries should have a fourier for dogs and have an arrangement with other places for cats. Sadly not all do. Luckily round us they all do.

There is financial assistance available for both removal of cats and dogs and @Lynn_STONE has all the knowledge you would need in how to go about ti all.

(robert moon) #26

Job handed over to @lynn_stone, un grand merci for everybody’s input. I’m going to play with some rats, they’re far easier and more fun!

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If anyone is interested here is a link to the law on strays,who has what responsibility etc

It is for the loire et cher but I would imagine that mostregions will be very similar

(anon54681821) #30

this is everywhere. thanks for posting though.

(Véronique Langlands) #31

Repulsive suggestion, I am assuming it is a joke but the thing about jokes is they are funny, and this, well, isn’t.

(stella wood) #32


Harry, no-one could doubt your devotion to your dogs, so please do take Ray’s post in the vein it was intended… a bit tongue in cheek…and obviously not a serious suggestion… hence the wink…

Frankly, I am surprised that dogs entered the conversation so late in the thread… since they are well known as playmates/adversaries of cats the world over…

Let’s hope we hear a happy ending for these feral cats…asap.

(Ray Rampton) #33

Hi Vero and Harry, and anyone else for that matter
Please accept my sincere apologoies for any offence caused. I wouldn’t seriously suggest for one minute that using Harry to ‘hunt’ cats is in any way ever going to be acceptable in this universe or any parallel universe.

The one-word (very busy day) answer of ‘dogs’ was just that - it is whether you like it or not a fact of life, a deterrent to unwanted cats is a dog. Cats go somewhere else if you have a dog. Mice will go somewhere else if you keep a cat. We don’t like to have rats or mice near our house so we are very welcoming to their natural deterrent our neighbour’s cats, thus, the one word answer to mice is ‘cats’. Animals defer to their natural enemies and just stay away.
(yes there are many pictures of cats and dogs from the same family playing together - my comment is a general comment)
So I repeat, apologies to you Harry for the offence caused - it was unintentional and not intended to cast doubt on your character, and, apologies to you Vero for repulsing you.

Here-in lies a lesson to anyone typing in a hurry - don’t.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

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Hi Harry,
the line that caused you offence has been removed.
I trust you’re able to accept my sincere apology.

Best regards,

(anon54681821) #36

no worries and thank you. Ive asked for my reply to be removed also

(robert moon) #37

I’ll keep you all posted. Next meeting with the client is an a couple of weeks time.


(Andrea Kirkby) #38

Actually near us there’s a charcuterie which has a resident feline and a boulangerie which has two. They’re not allowed in the food prep area, but I was told they are excellent mousers so the baker regards them as a benefit to the business. Not feral though - very well looked after beasts.

Quite a few local farmers like to keep cats in their barns - for the same reason. (I remember a lovely photo of an early 20th-century miller holding his very chubby cat in his arms in front of his windmill, smiling broadly. No doubt chubby had caught, and eaten, dozens of rats in his time.)

(stella wood) #39


As you suggest…domestic cats are a very different kettle of fish … to feral cats :frowning_face:

(Chris Kite) #40

Ours is ex feral…trying to be domestic. Wouldn’t mind but we planned on having a dog🐆

(stella wood) #41

@Chris_Kite … well, that’s a real kettle of fish then…:sob::heart_eyes:

(anon54681821) #42

no reason you cannot have dogs. plenty of people have both.