Fibre d'Orange

Received this in my in box today.

Les offres Fibre d’Orange
sont disponibles
à Saint-Front-la-Rivière

On s’est dit que vous souhaiteriez en savoir plus.


Ça tombe bien, nos conseillers fibre et leur magnifique stand seront installés près de chez vous.

salle polyvalente

mardi 2 janvier

10h30-13h et 14h-17h30

Comment préparer son installation ?
Qu’est-ce que ça change concrètement ?
C’est le moment d’en parler.

What is the advantage and should I go along on Tuesday, and will it cost more?
I remember being reluctant to go along to a similar thing for adsl years ago but coming away signed up and subsequently well pleased that I did.
I have always been conservative with a small ‘c’ when faced with things I don’t understand.

The main advantage of fibre over ADSL is the increase in speed. It’s magnitudes faster to download (or even to upload) stuff using fibre than it is using ADSL. Admittedly unless you’re downloading a lot of very large files or you have lots of people in your house connecting to the internet simultaneously then you may not notice much difference or care. For me, because I work from home and regularly download gigabytes of data each day, plus have countless video conference calls with colleagues, it was definitely worth it… But your mileage may differ.

I’ve also found the connection to be more stable. We’d occasionally have brief outages but they’ve been non-existent since upgrading to fibre.

The cost is virtually the same… I think if anything it can work out slightly cheaper.

Eventually everybody will be switched over to fibre connections and at some point ADSL will no longer be offered, but that’s still some way off.

If all you’re using the internet for is just you watching a bit of Netflix, Spotify, email and browsing Survive France then you may not be missing too much if you don’t upgrade.

Edit: I forgot to add, though, that you get a new Livebox if you upgrade to fibre and the wireless capability compared to our old Livebox seems to be better imo.

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Orange came to the nearest town to us when they started installing fibre in the communes nearby. I went to see them and they explained how it would all work. They took name, address etc. I made sure to sign up to have it installed - the previous ADSL connection was dire. In the fullness of time it was done. I’m sure there is a choice of pricing depending on speed. I would definitely go and see what they are offering. PS I just noticed Gareth’s reply and I agree with that wholeheartedly.

As well as increased speed a fibre connection will be more stable as it’s not subject to external electrical activity.

For us we are no longer plagued by interference caused by the local farmers using the 1100m of telegraph poles that lead to us as convenient places to get their electric fence wires over the road :roll_eyes:

As others have said, in the long run you won’t be able to keep your old copper phone/ADSL line anyway, so you may as well get it done.

This sort of thing is an attempt to mislead in my book. It happened here, just as we were about to get fibre. Orange did events in the village, telling everyone how Orange could provide them with fibre, giving examples of how wonderful Orange fibre was. They made it sound as if Orange provided the fibre, and that only Orange could do this. Bollocks. The fibre infrastructure was created by the local government, because Orange wouldn’t do it, because it wasn’t worth thier while. Orange are only interested in building the infrastructure in cities and large towns.

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Also David, think of the future…

In Jersey, all houses recently were offered fibre into the house for free. My MiL, who is a walking advert for compulsory euthanasia, said she did not want it, then had to pay £500 to dig it in a few years later to satisfy the buyers contract when she sold the house :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks all for the good advice, I’ll go along on Tuesday and see what they have to say. :grinning:

My previous Orange connection only allowed for just over 100kb/s, but having got fibre in the past month, I can do whatever I need to do, including watching high-res videos. I haven’t lost the connection yet, which always happened on the old ADSL connection, however so many of the poles installed just last year, have snapped, or are bent over. I can see fibre optic cable laying over the ground or propped up by makeshift pieces of bamboo support, or floating in trees. I wonder how reliable it is going to be in the long-term. I suspect they used cheap subcontractors to install it.

It only costs me 2 euros extra a month over my previous Orange contract which gave me speeds close to dial-up.

Yes, do, but avoid signing anything as you will save money by going over to Sosh, which is still Orange, but cheaper. Their offering will probably only be for a speed of 300mb/s but that will be more than adequate for anything you’ll want to do.

Be wary though because they wanted to come through a wall in my son’s house and would have done a lot of damage so he showed them the only place they could bring the optic line in and after a lot of argument, they did so. I had to have it and so far, been very pleased with only one shutdown in a year due to nearby works compared to every other week with the ordinary installation in the old house.

You will probably find that there are many providers you can go with. You can check on the Ariase website

All you need is your address or phone number to check, you don’t need to fill in any other bits of the form. They will give you all details of the available providers and prices.

Edit: I agree with @Badger about just going for the 300mbps. I’m just going to go for the lower 300 or 500mbps option as I can’t think of anything I would do that would need anything faster than that.

The other thing to consider is that Sosh only provide online support, which not everyone is comfortable with, and I understand that Orange has an English-speaking helpline.

In 78, I’m with Free on some ridiculously fast service (5Gbps) and in 86 we’re on Sosh at 300 Mbps. In day to day life there’s no appreciable difference except when doing the occasional very large download.

All advice taken on board, I’ll ask Eddie, just down the hill, if he is going. He knows more about this stuff and would welcome my help in return with his French. :wink:

Do they have to dig a trench to the house then, or can they push it through an existing conduit? I remember some years ago when there was a problem, the man from Orange found the entry point to the house in what is now a corner of Fran’s bedroom.

I think it depends where you are and how the fibre gets to you. Ours came off the pole and through a handy gap in the wall.

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Here in Surrey I have 70mb/s download speed which is sufficient for streaming 4K movies, so 300mb/s should be plenty for most people.

We have “fibre to the cabinet” - the last 150 metres is plain old copper… Full Fat Fibre is “coming soon” but not yet an option in our village.

(According to Openreach, 70mb/s is “Superfast Fibre Broadband”, but not “Ultrafast” which would be “up to 1000mb/s”) :smiley:

That’s pretty much what I have now, 70ish mbps over local copper, fibre to the cabinet. We became eligible for fibre just before Christmas and I can choose from 30 providers, or so Ariase says, and can get from 300mbps to 8gbps.

It will depend on the size of the conduit as they don’t like to remove the old copper line just in case there’s some problem with the fibre initially.

According to some of the 'phone techs I’ve talked to some are loathed to be proactive & will use any obstacle to leave the job & come back another time (or rather, for someone else who does care to do it). The more you can prep in advance the better, such as putting a draw line into a conduit that you want them to use.

Well we do have a ‘handy gap in the wall’ ourselves and what I assume is ‘the cabinet’ is about 6 metres away from it on the other side of the lane, so maybe that is a good start.

I don’t have need for excessive downloads but I have no problem streaming Netflix with the present setup.

Most people don’t, apart from operating system upgrades.

Before we had 300mb/s fibre the only sensible time to initiate an iOS, or OS upgrade on our phones & computers was overnight as the old 4-5mb/s ADSL connection was just sooooo sloooow.

I don’t know if they have actual cabinets in France but in the UK it’s a green metal box on the pavement somewhere, where the line from the exchange comes in and from which the connections to individual properties fan out.

Usually with a man in high-vis crouching next to it poking wires with a screwdriver. :smiley: