Fibre for telephone (better internet) - connection costs

I know that the Fibre Haut Debit line is being laid in the roads some 40 kilometres away and is due in our area by end of next year (!?) Seems the line will be delivered to the edge of each property foc and that there will be a charge to connect to the property itself…

Has anyone recently linked up to Fibre at their home… as I am wondering what the costs might be…


They are installing the main fibre line from Marseilles via Lyon to Paris and it is passing 400m from our house.
We will not be able to use it.
We have had no telephone since the 15th December and the fault covers a huge area.
We can get no proper information from Orange.
I am not worried about a connection cost. Presumably when we receive our compensation from Orange we can put it towards any connection cost there might be.

Gosh, Jane… what a pickle for you… have you asked at your Mairie… if they can tell you what is happening/when etc… seems you and others are in dire need…

I’m just seeking a little clarification… we had a visit from the President of something or another… and he talked about Fibre coming to our area… to outside each home… for free… (yippee) and then waffled a little about the cost of each home actually getting connected to it… mmmmm :roll_eyes: Our current connection is slow and often stops altogether… but at least we do have a telephone line…

There will a charge to get it from the street to your house, possibly in region of 50€ per 10m with a ceiling of around 250€ - depending on the supplier. And them whatever your chosen provider charges for fibre, like here with Orange

Zen Fibre : l’offre entrée de gamme d’ Orange

À partir de 19,99€mois pendant 12 mois puis 38,99€/mois auxquels il faut ajouter 3€/mois pour la location de la Livebox. Sont compris à ce tarif : Internet avec la Fibre : 100Mbit/s minimum en débit descendant et montant.

Ah… so this charge is for connecting to an Internet Provider using the Fibre… I thought the idea was simply to replace the copper telephone wire coming into the house…

ah well… have to wait and see…

Hi Stella we had it installed this week - The Village, with a population of 1450 went live this month. The connection from the street to the house was offered by orange as a promotion. We paid 89 euros for the connection indoors, which is a little complex and l could not have done it myself. Instead of 5 to 7 mega we now have a super fast 60 to 65 mega. A new live box for 3 euros per month and are very happy with the service.


I will willingly pay 89 euro for fibre into the house…

Is the livebox with your original internet provider… or did you have to change to Orange ???

Orange have always been our provider - It was just a case of upgrading to their latest Livebox😊

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We are due to be connected this year sometime.

Th work is subcontracted out to Bouygues tho’ the line will be Orange apparently. No idae about connection charges from the road.

You can let me know how things go for you then… cheers

Is there any homepage where you can see if fiber is coming to the area you live in ?

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If you Google something like “carte de couverture orange fibre” you can tap in your post code then find your property to see if it’s eligible or otherwise.

Thanks peter

Our Mayor has sent an e-mail to Orange!
Apparently there is a petition, but we will not be able to go down to the village to sign it as we have just seen our car taken away on a trailer to the garage in Macon.
We only have first gear at the moment and the dashboard electronics are not working.
Part of the next village is involved as well as the whole of the larger village of Dompierre-les-Ormes.
A lady came to our house and she is in contact with a Director of Orange and is collecting the names of all those involved to present to Orange.
We have been told absolutely nothing by Orange, who have been totally appalling. The English helpline has said that they have a date for it to be fixed by the 29th, but we have seen other such dates come and go and are not holding our hope.

Hope your car gets fixed quickly… and also the telephone line… sounds like you are really having a tough time, Jane.

We are wondering what will be next!

They really are the pits. Here in Spain they are as bad as you have described - perhaps worse.

Having made the absurd statement that fibre was not available in my street in central VLC, when told that I had spoken to the guy putting a fibre connection box, complete with Orange logo, on the wall outside my street door, the Orange person put the phone down on us.

Comms companies in SP have the universal reputation of being Grade A bandits.

I am hoping that I will have a choice of better providers when I get my bones out of Valencia and up to FR somewhere. But Orange will be the very last resort.

Choose your place in France carefully. Often in rural areas, Orange is the only resort.

Half of our village is now connected to fibre, I’m waiting impatiently for our turn. ADSL is already very good, about 60 Mb/s download and 15 upload, but 300/300 is even better :blush:

Our line comes indoors on copper wires and I am hoping that when fibre is put into our village… the fibre will actually come into the house in place of the copper… ??? but no details yet of just how that is achieved or what it will cost…

I am not looking to replace my internet provider (…

So far, I have not found anyone who has achieved this… or am I misreading some of the replies… ???

When I return to France Orange will be my first port of call. I’ve always received excellent service from them in the past.

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