Fibre for telephone (better internet) - connection costs

Finally - after 2 cancellations - Orange has installed fibre into our house.
Took one guy about 90 minutes to install our neighbour and us.
Very impressed, now get 860Mbps download.
Installation was free of charge, and I think our monthly package has only changed by a euro

or so.


At long last, we have a provisional date for fibre to the house - 27th August this year…

I’ve not actually seen a fibre installation in recent times - especially in France - but I was wondering how the installation is achieved.

We have modern electrics - a GTL complete with DTI unit which handled the telecom side of things. The telephone wire enters the house from the green gaine at the foot of the pole opposite our property and runs under the road and continues into the house at the base of the GTL. ISTR a second green gaine was installed at the same time (specified in the planning permission) I think for fibre when installed which must also run to the base of the GTL.
My question is whether anyone has a similar arrangement (GTL+DTI) and has experienced installation by Orange to this setup accordingly.
The internal arrangements from the DTI are quite helpful. The way it was set up is an Ethernet link from the DTI to the office (where the LiveBox will be positioned) with a link back from the office to the DTI which can be run through a switch back to the smart TV or other rooms in the house.
I’d really like to maintain this arrangement even though the internet source changes from a telephone line to a fibre link.
Anyone see any problems/issues?

Well that’s going to make it potentially prohibitive for us then, unless we can get a rebate of some kind or a promotional offer. They’ve just drawn the main fibre cable into the hamlet (aerial deployment using the existing telephone posts), and we’re approximately 100m from the nearest post, uphill, and with significant current cable sag in the copper cables, and tree branch navigation to contend with. What I don’t understand is why they haven’t drawn the main cable up to the posts that we have, but perhaps the answer lies therein, too much sag, too many obstacles ?

Looks like someone here might have had similar issues when they providers came to install fibre and failed to get it to work with the DTI.

One of the contributors on the forum has posted a how-to prepare for fibre when you already have a DTI, link here

As an addendum, the very thin fibre from the main infeed which gets exposed in the PTO/DTIo to enable a connection with the ONT is very fragile. When I had fibre installed in the offices at work, the tech guy had to re-do the fibre connections twice, as he’d managed to break them (1) when trying to put the small excess coil in the PTO/DTIo box, and (2) when testing with his tester :rofl: :rofl: He spent the best part of an afternoon trying to sort it out. Hopefully, things have gotten somewhat better since then.

EDIT : the tech guy used a special welding device to weld the two ends of the exposed fibre yarns together.

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Hi Graham,
the old phone line used to go from the mast to my house, and then directly into the study which is at the front of the house.

When the fibre was installed, Orange just replaced the telecoms box in the study with a DTI.
They then ran a thin white fibre (?) cable from the DTI to the Livebox.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Nigel… be interesting to see how Orange approach it here…

I’ll have a look through that reference - thanks for that.
It does seem to be SFR biased though… ours will be Orange directly so hopefully things are better now and will be with a Orange techie on the plot…

This seems to be the schematic I would favour and uses Ethernet to the LiveBox and BoxTV (Orange supplied) -

Fibre cable arrives in the house and is terminated in the PTO then a further câble links to the Box then to the switch and onward throughout the house to single, double or quad outlets to feed Lan, 'Phone, TV and Sat.

Thanks Dan, useful information here.

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