Fibre Optics latest news

its still better than mine lol

They’ve been telling us for years about the health benefits of fibre, so how come its so hard to get…

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VDSL arrived in the village just after we did or my figures would look like Harry’s and Stella’s

Nevertheless - you’re top of the leaderboard Paul !!

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your upload is bettr Simon. for me upload is more important as I upload videos via live feed

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We don’t have fibre yet ( ha ha) but we do have a lovely expensive sign almost outside the house that says “ Bienvenue au Grand Dax - territoire de haut debit”
Yeah right!!

As Harry points out I’m stuck with typical VDSL slowish upload, which can be important if hosting a website or uploading content to one.

The connection goes faster - at the moment I’m stuck with a high target noise margin so it’s on the slow side.

I don’t know why the ping is so long - I get 26ms from the laptop which is connected via Wi-Fi and a pair of powerline adapters.

In the UK we have upgraded to fibre to the home which we can pick what speed we would like up to 1000mb/s Up & Down- previous we had a very temperamental 8mb connection.

We currently subscribe to a slower 50mb up & down service as it was a lot cheaper than the 1000!

The new connection is more reliable and speed is fine but not lightening.

At our place in France we have a 1mb connection which for browsing & YouTube seems surprisingly OK (I think contention is low) - downloading files however are a bit slow. Fibre is supposed to be arriving in our commune in the next year, hopefully this does happen.

netflix can be a pain, downloading and uploading are just evil. currently sitting on about 0.8 meg download and 0.3 upload. 0.3 for my 360 videos is just painful.

Has anyone who has fibre optic broadband provided by Orange had their landline/fixed telephone contract cancelled. The cost of fibre almost doubles after the 1st year. So, one way to offset this would be to cancel the landline. The cheapest fibre contract includes free telephone calls to fixed line phones; so as I see it, there is no need for an analogue telephone line. But, as ever, is this the case?

We do not have fibre yet, just broadband but I have cancelled the land-line and this halved our costs - this means I can’t make analogue phone calls although we can make phone calls via the broadband to any phone number - we use Vonage for this as it means we can use our UK phone number when in UK or France.

I just don’t get it - why oh why would anyone with an ADSL / Fibre / Broadband line need a Dickensian analogue line as well? Orange are royally milking the uninformed in my opinion…barking :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well… when there is an internet problem…or a mobile phone problem… we get asked to make the necessary calls to sort things out… since we are one of the few folk who do have landline/mobile/internet… all different…

It has worked out to our advantage over the years, so until the internet line stops playing up… we keep going… :relaxed::relaxed:

Yep I get that Stella but it’s such a ‘what if’ scenario and, I would imagine, pretty rare. I’ve ‘survived’ without an analogue line for 7 years and have never once been incommunicado - unless I chose to be of course :wink:

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I think most people aren’t aware that you can have broadband without paying the line rental element saving 20+euros per month. You cannot do this in UK but you can in France.

I was told by Orange in the event of a problem they can activate the analog line for 1 month, fix the problem then cancel it again at a cost of just 1 month line rental. As you say you have lasted 7 years so far!

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Yep - you’re absolutely right Mat but…there is an element of ‘we’ll always do what we’ve always done…’ etc etc… :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And…you now what 20€ / month is 240€ / year… a heck of an expense for a ‘what if’ scenario.

When I had a problem with my Internet I used the My Livebox App on my phone to report it to Orange. They immediately checked the line, identified the problem and sent me an email telling me when I could expect to be up and running again. I quickly received a second email offering me a free 4G connection to use while the Internet was down. It was all sorted in less time than the average queueing system would take to get through. It’s not only money that you save by not paying for a landline to use to phone the English speaking helpline when your VOIP is unavailable.

Sadly… around here… folk who do not have a landline separate from their internet provider… do NOT get good service from Orange/France Telecom (as was) if they have a line problem… they get given the run around.

For one family, who ended up without a phone for 6 months… it was only me chasing on their behalf that cut through the **** as their provider kept blaming O/FT and O/FT kept waffling and delaying doing anything.

We have folk with broken lines that are literally “tied” together and thus give intermittent connections… and their suppliers blame O/FT.

Over the years, the cases have increased and nothing has persuaded us to change… we are used as a lifeline… but perhaps we should start charging… :relaxed:

I’m probably a simple soul with simple requirements…Orange France for landline and unlimited internet…free calls. to all uk landlines so I can talk to my mom all day if I want to…€39.99 a month…Customer service excellent and the couple of times I have had problems they responded immediately…kept me informed and resolved exterior line issues both times within 24 hours…my mom doesn’t have a mobile nor Skype nor messenger nor watsapp nor any apps that would enable her to be in touch two three four times a day…I’ve no idea what download speeds I have but as long as I can keep in touch with my mom and my kids then I’m not much bothered…x :slight_smile:

It’s quite clear… I live in the “Brigadoon” of France… no fibre optics… poor telephone connections… and, pigeon-post is perhaps the only reliable way of communications… :zipper_mouth_face:

Never mind… it’s all good fun… :relaxed: