Finally getting my French driving license


I applied to convert my expired UK license (photo card expired not my driving ability) back in July, received the request mid December to post my UK license to them and have now been notified that they’re sending my new French driving license within 15 days.
Typically we’re away for a few weeks.

Will it be sent requiring me to sign for it?
Can I get a neighbour to receive it?



I’m pretty sure I had to sign for mine. I think that La Poste will hang onto it for a while if you let them know but perhaps you could ask your post delivery person to take it to a neighbour? Mine is very accommodating…

Well done on your success though :smiley:

I applied in August - my UK one expires on 22nd Jan.

I have been requested to send info from DVLA (normally used when hiring a car) and also a letter stating I no longer what the classes for light goods vehicles. This was mid-December.

I hope it is issued soon.

I spoke to the local France Services office last week - they phoned ANTS, who confirmed I needed to give details about light goods etc. The France Services person gave me the magic phone number for ANTS, I rang it and got straight through but they refused to talk to me as I was not a government employee.

I applied to exchange mine in the Summer, then in Novemeber received a response saying my request had been rejected as my UK licence was still valid and still ok to use in France. ANTS said that they only replace expired, lost, stolen or damaged UK licences.

Just wondering if anyone else also had the same experience, as thought it was a little strange, havng recently become a French resident.

You’ve obviously missed all the info given out re ANTS and UK licenses… over the past months.

UK folk can apply x months before a license expires but not simply because one is now French Resident.

My first application was rejected as it was outside the period of 6 months from expiry of UK license.

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Yes I obviously did Stella, hence the question :grinning: literally just joined the board - very informative and I’ve read an enormous amount of helpful information, but unfortuantely missed that particular thread :grin:

Do other folks also miss threads??? Guess many aren’t studying the board permanently.

Yes indeed it’s easy to miss threads! However, Survive France has been going for a good many years so there are quite a lot of very full, very informative threads on most topics. If you can face it, it’s usually helpful to have a bit of a search before starting a new thread in case the subject has already been done to death :smiley:

Indeed Angela, agree, very informative threads out there - I think the point is that, unless you hunt for ages for some threads it may not be immediately obvious, and also there seem to be so many changes that sometimes a thread you pick up may not actually be the latest info… I guess my point is, if something isn’t easily obvious without spending hours scrolling, isn’t it helpful if someone, who doesn’t find a thread, puts out a question that in actual fact can be answered simply in some cases by a single response. As has just been the case for me i.e. not adding another ‘let’s do it to death’ thread, but tagging onto another??? :smiley:

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There is a very useful search function, between Revolut and the hamburger menu top right

Actually, I wasn’t thinking so much of the Forum as the official UK government sites, the Embassy and various journals/press releases.

Licenses for Brits in France has been a terrible torment for so many folk.

Anyway, now you know you can wait and thus it’s one less thing for you to worry about.


Indeed, thanks for the responses - rapid succint response to a quick question - done :smiley:

Just in case anyone is seeking the details this link might help.

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Thanks AngelaR,
As we’re already away I’ll ask my neighbour to ask our post lady what our options are.
And thanks for all the other replies that stayed on topic :grin:

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My driving licence application was rejected.

My actual driving licence was issued over 40 years ago but my Driving licence 10 year card ran out before Brexit day 31st December 2020.

I renewed my card but the date on my card is January 2021 after Brexit probably delayed because of covid.

I thought I had to apply because my card date was after Brexit but I think they have rejected my application because I didn’t need one I think?

Any ideas. I still have a home in the UK so I have moved my residency back and will only now be in France for 180 days a year as I not sure about whether my UK driving licence is valid.

A complete mess for me.

You need to apply in UK not France - it needs to be where you are a resident.

I am resident in France and my application to change my driving licence to a French one was rejected.

I passed my driving test 40 years ago but my card is dated January 2021. I applied for a new card before Brexit in the UK but because of covid it came after Brexit.

Is it the date I passed my test or the date on my card that matters.

I am moving my residency back to the UK because I am confused.

If residency is/will be in UK then it should be a UK licence.

Simple question, where do you spend the majority of your time - here or the UK?

It was France but since I have had my licence refused and I cannot understand why, I am going to spend the 183 days in the UK and the rest in France. Therefore I can use my UK licence to drive in France.
I would have preferred to spend the majority of time in France.

The rules as to whether or not I need a French driving licence in the 1 year since my residency or 10 years is confusing. I have a pre Brexit Art 50 Tue French residency