Finding an English speaking carer in France

I am urgently looking for a live-in companion/carer for my aunt who lives in a gorgeous part of the Dordogne. Does anyone know of any agencies I could contact?

Depends exactly what you are looking for: pĂ´le emploi might help, the ARS deals with carers but more medical, if you Google agence de soins Ă  domicile plus your area you might find answers.
Does the person have to be anglophone etc.


Thank you so much. Yes s/he needs to speak English

Do you know anyone where your aunt lives? Could you go and interview people, assuming you get any candidates? Personally I’d be worried about letting someone potentially dodgy* into the home of a vulnerable person. Also don’t forget social charges etc, as presumably the person will be legally employed.

  • I’d be wondering
    How are they living in France ie what is their visa status?
    Why are they happy to live in and not in their own home?
    What are their qualifications?
    Why haven’t they already got a job?

Hello @Jo4Dottie and welcome to the forum…

I note that you have asked for Agencies… fair enough… but also echo the thoughts of @vero .

It’s not easy, organising these things… especially if “at a distance” and I wish you good luck.

I know elderly folk can get tetchy if things aren’t done in the way that they are used to… and I’m trying to think outside the box…
It might be that the Carer can speak English, but would not necessarily know the “British” way that things are done… is that a problem… ??

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In the short terms have you contacted the assistant sociale to help make contact with the aide Ă  domicile agencies in your area? And is she recognised as in need of help by French health service? As this can be useful for things like getting taxis to appointments, meals on wheels, podiatrist coming to the house, tele-assistance, daily carers and cleaners while trying to find someone etc etc.

One member of this forum, who is unusually away this week, has a stream of carers for his wife, and two of them speak english.

There are various portals that links to service providers but how good they are I wouldn’t know.


Hi. If you are still looking for someone my mother used live in carers for 20+ years. The best person she ever had was a chap called Arpad. I know he is looking for work on a one month on, one month off basis (travels back to see his children in Romania). When we did this with my Mum we alternated between two people. I imagine you want someone more permanent. Happy to put you in touch if you want.