First daffodils

(Lily Stevens) #1

Saw my first daffodils yesterday, is this early? :blossom:
:notes: Spring is in the air :notes:

(Chris Kite) #2

We have some here in 17 too. Mowed the lawn today. Grue going north 3 days ago.

(stella wood) #3

You lucky thing… how lovely… I adore the bright yellow of daffodils …:hugs:

We had bees buzzing and chasing the last flowers on the clematis today… not much else in flower at the moment… snowdrops should be coming up, but no sign yet…

Spring is certainly in the air… but if we get a cold snap, I suspect Spring will hide in the cupboard for a while…:wink::wink:

Oh… and I was thrilled to hear the calls of my Little Owl… being answered…by another… sort of… “hello, is anybody there”… and “hello, big boy, come and get me”…:joy::joy:

. so hopefully… where there are 2 there will soon be little ones…

(stella wood) #4

We shall be looking for these gorgeous birds… to herald in the Spring…

If you watch/listen to the video… you will understand why I reckon they sound similar to a playground full of noisy kids… or dogs yapping…

They are on the wing now… yippee…

(Simon Armstrong) #5

Got a few just about to pop out down here in the deep South (09) - looks like they’ll be here before the weekend - great weather ahead. Happy days :grin::grin::grin:

(Dave Sheriton) #6

Our crocuses are out and a few of the trees on the roadsides are starting to blossom. We got up to 18° again today. Fingers crossed it stays like this!

(Mark Robbins) #7

We have just got to the snowdrop stage. Winter isn’t finished yet

(Jane Jones) #8

Stop gloating everyone…we are still in snow with no bulbs above ground yet!

(stella wood) #9

:joy::rofl: sorry Jane… we shall probably get another bout of snow sometime… we have had it as late as April in years past… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

(Nellie Moss ) #10

Crocuses in bloom in Lancashire this morning

(Lily Stevens) #11

The daffodils were seen in Perigueux, the ones in my garden are not quite ready.
Thankfully have only been snowed in twice (only disadvantage of living up a hill) since our arrival in France.


They flew over the house (Creuse 23) this week Stella, as you say, you hear them before seeing them. It only seems like yesterday when I bid them farewell for the winter.

(Jane Jones) #13

Well our new witchazel is flowering…

(Véronique Langlands) #14

Daffodils chez moi

(Véronique Langlands) #15

And Daffodil, chez moi


Daffodil, ‘Little Red’ says Hello…

(Véronique Langlands) #17

Too sweet, Little Red :heart: looks like a twin of The Orange One (Daffodil’s other name).

(Ann Coe) #18

Wow that is early, mine have pushed through the earth but are far from flowering. My partner’s garden is full of crocus flowers though !

Hoping to do some work in the garden tomorrow once the frost has thawed !

(Ann Coe) #19

For a moment I thought it was the same cat until I saw it was Dawn’s post …:smiley_cat:

(Helen Wright) #20

I’ve got one daffodil flowering…and dandelions and the first daisies…x :slight_smile: