First thing in the morning

What is your first drink of the day?
Do you have breakfast and what do you prefer?

espresso, then another espresso and if I’m still thirsty I’ll follow it with an espresso :rofl:


Glass of water - followed by a gallon of coffee.
Breakfast 2 eggs any which way (fried over easy, poached or scrambled)
slice of toast

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do you have the egg on the toast with the yolk running?


Tea. I’m quite proud of the fact I got husband into habit of bringing us both a cup to the bed. Very English habit for him to adopt. Breakfast usually tartine or cereal. I love porridge but that season has past. Today is Sunday so coffee with tartines but during the week we drink chicory better for husbands health and my speech speed which goes into overdrive about five minutes after coffee :crazy_face:

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I used to love going to a cafe for tartine when I was able to visit France.

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how do I change my nic to Daddo?

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but it won’t let me change my nickname :frowning:

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what is over easy

I’ll do it under duress, there is nothing I have done to mislead anyone.

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you’re like a dog with a bone, leave me alone, you are causing me stress and anxiety.

I’ve done it for you

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Now everyone chill