Flouting the rules?

When I joined this forum, there was a very basic requirement that we would all have a name and a photographic likeness. Standards appear to be slipping. There are now a number of people who don’t want to show their faces and who the hell is “anon18525102” and what does he/she have to hide from this community of friendly, good natured people.
Am I alone in thinking that things are not as they should be? Could it be that we have fallen victim to the Brexit effect?

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The photo rule was relaxed but the name rule still stands.

anon18525102 and similar user ids are accounts which James has removed but for various reasons the posts need to stay - they are not people flouting the name rule.

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let’s face it… if the posts of anyone Anon are removed, it either leaves our posts either side - which probably make no sense at all … or all our posts should be removed at the same time.

Thus, in my opinion, the way the machine is set up works well enough.

Pity about the photo rule, I find it easier to communicate when I can see who I am talking to. And there are much worse places to show ones face than SF. The UK police photo database springs to mind. They don’t allow opting out!



Oh, to satisfy your curiosity, anon18525102 was Kenneth Wheatley.

My cats are far more beautiful than moi.:crazy_face:

Lily, I am sure that is not true… afterall, we all know it is the inner beauty that really counts. x

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No one wants to see my ‘inner beauty’.:grinning:

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Oh, I don’t know, @tim17. Any enterologist of stripe could find your entrails wondrous to behold, or at least moderately interesting.

You shouldn’t be so bashful, “there’s trimmings for every 'at” as the parson said to the undertaker.

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Shouldn’t be too difficult for moderators to scan for anon posts and save us from being bothered by them.

Mike, In case I was unclear, or you did not understand my explanation…

If Paul Flinders asks to leave the Forum… he will be anonymised (and personal details deleted) but his posts will remain.

Exactly the same situation arises if someone is Removed/Anonymised for “breaking the rules” …

We/you can search the forum for a particular Anonymised person and read all their posts which will remain, as I have said.

If you are bothered by anyone’s posts, you can choose to Ignore them in your Preferences.

Presumably Stella you can’t post once you are anon so the posts that remain were written while they were still members. Obviously they have to remain in the forum so that threads make sense. I can’t see that it matters if you don’t know the name of the person making the comments.


Absolutely correct Mandy.

Some folk are surprised/annoyed/irritated/whatever… when they see Anon… but it is just the way these things work out.


:astonished: We cat/house sat for him in January this year, though I never met him! Discretion forbids me from any further comment.

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Enough said. He still rants to The Connexion though.

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When you consider that out of 12,549 members only 20 have jumped (or been pushed) and have been made anonymous, I really don’t see a problem.
Infact the opposite, as it clearly shows that they have left the forum and that we should not expect a reply to any earlier posts made to them.
Plus the option to PM them is still there, should one want to stay in touch.

Any PM sent will not be delivered as we no longer have their details as per GDPR rules :slight_smile:

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Anyone anonxxxxxxxxx is an ex member :slight_smile:

The PM boxes are still showing? Normally with a suspended user the PM ( blue message box) option disappears so I assumed the " Anons" that weren’t banned or suspended were still contactable.
Thanks for the heads up.

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@Anglozone You obviously missed my explanation… :wink: