Flouting the rules?

Just curious - why was the photo rule relaxed?


Work your way through this Geof … might be an idea to have a stiff drink first, though…

Maybe it’s difficult to force people to upload their photo…???

I started with an ‘H’…then I learned how to upload a photo so uploaded various photos of my Border Collies…then I felt a little more at home so uploaded a photo of me…even though I hate all photos of me…!

Then I felt less comfortable at certain times so reverted back to a photo of one or other of my Border Collies…:slightly_smiling_face:


As someone who has come late to Survive France, I was not aware of the photo rule and indeed continue to have some discomfort with the requirement to provide our real names. I can see the benefits, as on the whole it does seem to lead to a more civilised discussion. However, I was “stalked” (every time I posted, he was there) on another forum and was very grateful that my stalker did not know my real name. He thought he knew where I lived, but in fact he was wrong. I certainly would be most reluctant to provide a photo.


I like seeing people’s photos - but that is my personal opinion. I’ve taken on board the thoughts of those who are anti and can certainly empathise with those who say they look naff in photos.

However, I defy anyone to identify me from my photo - it is about the only one of me that I rather like and dates back to before the Ark. :rofl::upside_down_face:

However, being stalked is a no-no. Anyone on this Forum who has problems with other members - pass the word and it can and will be dealt with. Swiftly and with style.

@james will gallantly defend each and every one of us.


If I could figure out how to post a photo, I would

click on the big green M in the top right hand corner then on the wheel icon “Preferences”.
That shows the place where you upload your photo

That didn’t work for me, Graham.
I think you will find that the top right-hand icon is a variable letter (if you haven’t already uploaded a photo). Didn’t come up with a ‘wheel icon’.
So what works is -
1] Left click on the letter.
2] Left click on ‘Preferences’
3] Right click on upload photo - then find your pic in your photo files - ‘select’ it to upload.

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OK, fair point! Have just uploaded the photo from my website:-


Unfortunately, not only is the photo rather old (Mark now much browner - thank you France; beard much whiter - er, thank you Time), but have also realised that my whole website needs updating. This will be a major schlepp and so my contributions to Survive France may become even more sporadic.

Nevertheless, thank you!


this is what distinguishes SF from other sites.
It is far more amenable to see to whom you are talking.
I think it also serves as a deterrent to those who wish to troll.


Attention plaisanterie ! :crazy_face:

Full sympathy with your opinion, Jane, but I get a stiff neck looking at your image, as you are always at 90° to the vertical when I take an amicable glance at it to encourage and reassure myself.

If I rotate my device to get you upright, you roll over again. Endearing of you (I am not trolling) but maybe a trifle bizarre?

A form of vertigo? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

Put that down to Jim.

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Cheers, Jane! :hugs: That’s all this inquisitive old duffer needed to put his mind at rest… :expressionless::zzz:

I’m inclined to think there is a link between anonymity on the internet and lack of restraint when it comes to abuse, etc.
I’m not sure what to make of the ‘risk’ argument (encouraging stalking, etc) - the fact that there are literally millions - probably billions - of people with their photos online perhaps indicates that it is not a huge problem?
But I’m glad it’s not up to me to make decisions on such issues!

My photograph appears on my Carte Vitals, Passport, driving licence and certain UK government records - All official and obligatory.

I would suggest that you would have enormous difficulty identifying most of our members from the tiny thumbnail snaps of faces if you bumped into them in the street. Tall, short, fat, thin, scruffy, elegant, hunched, athletic, with spectacles, bearded, clean shaven, all these and other physical attributes as well as facial traits enable recognition.

In my opinion it is not necessary to see a tiny picture of a fellow member to enable discourse. Really do you need to see an old picture of Stella hiding under a large hat in sunglasses to appreciate her posts and discuss important issues with her? Equally do you need to see a pic of Paul Flinders, Tim or J Jones to appreciate their intelligent and insightful take on a whole range of subjects - I think not.

However if people want to put up a profile picture of themselves that’s perfectly acceptable but l must say that some, no names no pack-drill, look like they were taken through a glass darkly😊.

Stella is very good at gently encouraging newcomers to put full names in the system but there have been a couple recently that seem to have slipped through.

For instance I struggle to believe AvantStrangel has transparently turned their given name into their username.

Rozi_Upfold also seems a bit of a push, though could be genuine, I suppose.

feegig only gives us her first name (Amy), as do ponteyrauddarbys (Rebecca), anne36 and MarieG; Feri gives us no clue whether that is a real first name.

It’s probably only 1-2% of the accounts and lightly used or inactive ones but if the rule is there and to be enforced perhaps there is a better way of doing so than relying on Stella’s eagle eye?


“Tall, short, fat, thin, scruffy, elegant, hunched, athletic, with spectacles, bearded, clean shaven…”

I’m not tall or short, fat or thin, scruffy or elegant, neither hunched nor athletic, have no beard tho’ very occasionally have a couple of days grey stubble, do wear specs…and I’d wager if we met par hasard and you heard me speaking approximative French or English…there’s a good chance you’d “wonder if that fellow over there is that Peter Goble from Survive France? I’m just going to have to ask him…”

Like to bet?

Even small images, and something about a person’s ‘presence’ derived from communication over time, can coalesce to make recognition possible, I find.

It’s perhaps the basis of Identikit identification and cognitive functions that operate below ordinary consciousness. Call it instinct or intuition, perhaps?

Rozi U seems legit from her email - and I’d already check out AS after a message the other day. It may not be the name he was born with but it is the name he uses professionally which is good enough for me; I reserve the right to change my mind if Lady Gaga applies to join…

For the rest - I haven’t got time to check as I am on a deadline but if you PM me the links to their pages I will check it out and ban them if they are still active .

And no, at the moment eagle eyes are all we have, so please all do feel free to join in - you don’t need Stella’s (lovely) hat to gently remind someone that a lack of full user name means that they are in breach of our T&C.

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Re photos - I absolutely agree that it prevents 99% of trolls which is why we STRONGLY encourage it :slight_smile:

There are of course, numerous reasons why people don’t wish to post a photo. Lack of self confidence is probably the main brake. There are also those who have a valid reason for keeping a low profile ( this usually involves ex-husbands and restraining orders).

Then there are those who want to troll and they are always the people who argue with me about using a false name / alias. The best one I have had to date is the guy who told me he couldn’t use his real name as he worked for Mossad. :slight_smile:

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“Yes l could always spot a wrong 'un a mile off”

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