Food from "Back Home"

On the doulble cream front, Lidl as now selling, in what looks like a small milk bottle "CREME FRAICHE LIQUIDE" Despite the "fraiche" word, its not the tangy cream we have all been forced to substitute in recipes-it is fresh, liquid cream, which after using would probably equate to whipping cream in the UK-So it whips,pours and tasteslike home. YAY!!!

@Heather-and I thought I was the only soul in France who hated French dishcloths......was considering counselling in the matter.....

@David- I make my own faggots, and get the "Lion" brand peas when I am in the UK.......

Thats good to know Steve where exactly is the indian restaurant?

Faggots and Peas or Faggots and Pays if you prefer.

Oh yes, Nick, I have just used my last J cloth. Has any one found a good substitute that doesn't go slimy?

Oh yes, Nick, I have just used my last J-cloth - any ideas for a substitute hat doesn't go slimy?

Here in Dept 65, you can get quite a few items from Internmarché and L'Eclerc:

Marmite, Baked beans and baked beans with porc sausages, Lemon Curd, Marmalade, Tetley Tea, Golden Syrup, Birds Custard Powder, Horseradish Sauce, Mint Sauce, Salad Cream, Cadburys Drinking Chocolate, and there are others. I just can't remember everything.

Birds Custard, Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup and Baked Beans, Yorkshire tea, J Cloths (not technically food but...), Bisto gravy granules, Suet, Mince-meat for mince pies and Golden syrup. I don't "crave" any of the above but they'd be nice to have. We don't have any "ethnic" restaurants within 50 kilometres of us here in rural Cantal, however it's a lovely treat for us when we travel around France to have the regional dishes and occasionally a curry in one of the big cities.

Gammon! I bought this whole pig leg (aka Jambon) to try make a Gordon Ramsey Roast Christmas Gammon receipe. It’s braised then Roasted - it was fantastic and lasted longer than the turkey. Will definitely be doing it again next year - it was the closest thing to Gammon I’ve found in France.

BEEF!!! A good topside or sirloin roasting joint. Cannot be had in France - I understand it is because they do not hang their beef. But as for the rest - we have a good local fish and chip shop and Super U stock marmite and baked beans, a super cheddar cheese and most staple Brit goodies. When we return to the UK we actually miss some of the French things, such as Loue chickens or in fact any French chicken - they taste of chicken!! Biscuits that taste buttery (strange thing is even the McVities Digestives made for the French market taste better than those for the UK market???!!) and cooking ingredients - even small stores have them. Not so in the UK.

Indian obviously, but then taking the Eurostar there's a dead good south Indian place just by Gare du Nord, so after that we can just whip back to Gare du Lyon and go home instead.

proper beer. whimper.

Marmite and really spicy curry!

Our local intermarche sells a wicked Wykes farm cheddar.

Bacon, gammon & sausages from the local English butcher, vimto and cadbury's chocolate from the English market stall, Bisto, Heinz beans and HP sauce from carrefour, really good Chinese & Indian Restaurants 20 minutes away. I make my own Meat & tatie pies. The only thing i really miss is fish & chips, chip shop style. And maybe being able to phone for a chinese to be delivered. Occasionally double cream too.........

The aforementioned café in the middle of Bretagne sold all sorts of yummy stuff from Oop t'North, Scottish cakes, chocolate marshmallows, mince pies and biscuits - and proper bacon - droooool! They also had an interesting van. Le voila:![](upload://711HqOQk0QZKVoShc1HpUrmHUFZ.jpg)

Wenslydale cheese...

a good sharp cheddar, pies and chips from the chippy, proper back bacon

Holland's Meat Pies: also the only thing I miss about my home town of Manchester. They're a suety, squishy, chip shop pie that goes great with chips and, when you bite into them, you have to be careful that the juice doesn't run down your arm. 'erself wonders what I see in them and believes it to be, largely, nostalgia...

Me? I think they're yummy!![](upload://11KZ7EhNj5pfVaLcsdtngiiq1Vr.JPG)

My middle son, Simon, came across a couple of blokes delivering them and asked if he could snap their van; they gave him an old fashioned Dinky Toy to give to me. That was very nice of them.

There used to be a café in the middle of Bretagne, run by a scottish gay couple, that sold them but I believe it's closed up now.

there is a biggish asian supermarket near castarama in Lescar close to Pau plus a very good fish shop where you can get french stle fish and chips,they are a fishmonger but everyday there is a fish special lunch its cheap and very very good