Football: World Cup Final France v Croatia - French Victorious

20 years ago… France battled with Italy…

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I remember it very well. I was at a salsa dancing club that night and there was a big screen in the lobby so got to see the end of the match. Hope they can do it again.

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2006, we were dining at a Mill outside Le Mans…with around 40 of our Paris pals… the host had installed a huge screen so no-one would miss the match. Only problem was that it was at the end of the incredibly long table… and because of our numbers, there were 2 seats where folk would have their backs to the TV…

We were the only English in the group… and they all cheered when we asked if WE could sit there… :hugs::relaxed::wink:

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The Mairie have just handed me a paper authorising me to “ring the bells” in celebration, if France wins on Sunday… :relaxed::smiley:

My cheery remark about “tolling the passing bell” if France loses, was met with a fierce look…:wink:

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Lets hope they stay silent.:wink:

Folk are getting geared-up

I hope the French team don’t over-do today’s celebrations… :wink:

anyone got ideas on how to live in France now they have won the world cup??

Learn the "Marseillaise":joy::joy:

Phew… wonderful times here… everyone so happy… I rang the Bells for nearly 30 mins…which was greatly appreciated by the Fans.



Hope you were given a glass of something bubbly to celebrate ! :slight_smile:


We went to join the revellers at half-time… on arrival I was hugged and kissed by everyone… such was the party atmosphere… and I ended up with red white and blue stripes smeared on my face…

I was as vocal as the rest, as the second half progressed… phew… it was nerve wracking at times…

Anyway, as soon as the whistles blew I was sent packing to the church… where I did my bit…

The bells were so wonderfully noisy that they drowned out all the speeches that some folk were trying to make… much to the delight of most of those there…

On my return, I was flicked/splashed with champagne and finally managed to get a glass of my own… yummy.

Some folk did remark on how nice it was that “the English” joined them in supporting France… and many shook my hand and thanked me personally for ringing the Bells…

I’ve just heard several cars leave, all tooting their horns, so I guess everyone is off to eat somewhere…

Cowpat-Pie is cooking gently in the oven… OH’s special request for tonight’s supper… pity it is nearly 40C here … I’m melting…


Great clean game, loads of goals. :fr::fr::fr::fr::fr::fr::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer: