Foregoing diagnostic prior to purchase

What if a purchaser says they do not require a diagnostique prior to purchase - they have been living in the house for some time and are aware of the faults and are happy to proceed without a diagnostique.

Not my property, asking for a friend.

Might be an idea to raise the question with the Notaire who is handling the sale/purchase … as, from what I’ve read elsewhere… the diagnostique seems to be a legal requirement…

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It is a legal requirement.


It’s a legal requirement so I imagine a notaire would be bemused as to why they don’t want them. Are they sure no dry or wet rot, perfect electrics, drainage ok, etc etc. Without these they would have no come back in future.

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Whilst folk might want to forego the expense of a diagnostique (if they legally can)… it is an expense well worth paying, in my opinion…

at some point in the future, you can bet your bottom dollar, certain info will be required and will be lacking… which could have expensive or even disastrous consequences.

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In the grand scheme of things, centimes saved at the risk of paying out substantially later…
Not worth the risk imo.

Is it a new requirement? When my partner bought his little pied-a-terre a couple of years back or so, there was no mention of such a thing,

This reference suggests so…

Looks like they are tightening things up generally but we never saw any such dossier back then…

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We had one when we bought in 2000…and also have to do a simplified version every time we change tenants.

Did he buy privately? Of perhaps he just didn’t notice that it was there amongst the heaps of paper. The seller pays for it!

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Errr emm just so you know it’s a diagnostiC :blush:


That is more than possible!

In our case it would be an absolute waste of time. There is no lead or asbestos in this house, as the diagnostique was done when we purchased it and we certainly did not use any when we renovated.
Jobs for the boys!

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makes an interesting read…

edited title accordingly @vero

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Blithely ignored by 2 posts down … :slightly_smiling_face:

surely the buyer should have the right to refuse even if they would be a fool. Making it compulsory just seems to be another job creation scheme. People should be able to decide (and time) these things themselves

as @JaneJones said, it’s not a matter for the buyer…

Why would any purchaser not want a diagnostic, they’re not the ones paying for it

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It’s a lot more than that! Urbanisme, whether you are within a noise zone for an airport, exact square meterage, that drains and electricity conform, etc etc. And how the house rates in terms of energy use.

Bringing in things like this has helped ensure the decent standards of habitation, and now is a gentle nudge to improve environmental standard. If you are offered two identical houses, at same price, and one has an A rating for energy (ie energy efficient) and the other an F which would you chose?