Foreign HGV's may have to pay extra to drive across France in 2019

It would seem that this is aimed at those vehicles which simply use French roads to get to other countries… and give nothing back to France…(other than exhaust fumes and worn roads ??) …

Germany has done it for years. They were fed up when HGVs were using the Autobahns to pass through Germany without picking up or dropping off in the country.

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It is interesting to see this project “moving forward”. Over the last few years, I have heard a lot of talk (locally) about banning those lorries from using the RN’s and local roads … making them stick to the autoroutes and peages …

There is a substantial number (obviously not all) which hop off and use the RN’s etc to hurtle on down…to avoid paying… and the wear and tear to these roads is quite considerable…

Depending on the road, the repairs costs are down to whichever Community of Communes or Commune… and this is a large amount out of their budget.

Since the 80kh… I would have thought the lorry numbers would reduce … but there has been no sign of that… instead, many seem to disregard the limit and race along…

We are seven kilometres from the RN 79 which travels west/east and is toll free at the moment.
It is now undergoing a huge upgrade to turn it into an autoroute.
We see regular fatal accidents as HGV drivers using it because it is toll free free falling asleep .
We are also worried that we will have to pay to use it, even though there is no alternative A road for us to use to drive to Macon.
We are just below the old road which is now a Route Touristique because of the beautiful views and are concerned about an increase in traffic and the increase in noise and pollution.

I thought that there were no charges on an autoroute, if an A alternative was not available for a particular stretch ??? I may have got the wrong end of the stick… :thinking:

That is what we believe too.
On the other hand they are doing the work and no mention of what arrangements are going to be made for us.

I don’t know your location but after looking at the plans aren’t the roadworks after where you would leave the RN79 if you were travelling between Cluny and Mâcon? They are upgrading the single carriageway N79 between where the dual carriageway N79 ends and the A406 begins which will not affect journeys between Cluny and Mâcon. Most of the N79 on that journey is already 2x2 and is not being upgraded.

I doubt that any great number of long distance HGVs are or will be avoiding toll roads to save money. The lesser roads with all their changing speed limits, hills, junctions, and traffic holdups would cause longer journey times. This in turn will use more fuel and force more wasted time when the driver has to “clock off” after so many hours behind the wheel.

In my area the toll free N10 goes straight between Poitiers and Bordeaux. It is mainly dual carriageway for the total distance. The A10 sweeps in an arc west towards the coast. The N road is toll free, shorter and just as easy to drive on as the autoroute. Guess which road the lorries use.

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Quite so David… and many of these excellent roads do still pass through villages… and the damage is down to the locals to pay for… :zipper_mouth_face:

Unless you live near to where this is actually happening… you are quite right to be sceptical… and to question …

However… I do live near one particular area which is very concerned by those HGV’s which are rumbling past… on their way down to Spain etc etc…

I am also aware of other areas, equally concerned.

As I have said in my previous post… the reduction to 80kh should have “stopped them in their tracks”… but it does not seem to have done so… so far…:zipper_mouth_face:

These lorries can be limited to 80 on the smaller roads anyway.

Jane… as I have said… many of the HGV’s are not bothering to obey the 80kh… (like so many other vehicles)… they are bombing along… eroding the roads and giving nothing back…

We live between Cluny and Charolles and they are have already done the grading work for the tolls at Saint Cecile and the turn for La Vineuse.

The majority of the work is going on between Charolles and Paray le Monial with some more between Cluny and Macon.

I’m sure your Mairie will be able to tell you whether or not Tolls are planned. :relaxed: What does your local Press say ??

I’m sure that you will be fine. They are upgrading the N79 to become a dual carriageway between Charolles and Mâcon but it won’t become an autoroute until after the turn off at La Vinuse.

We continue further on that to shop in Macon.
We actually shop on the outskirts of Macon and not the town centre.
We would have to go through Prisse on the back road, which we do now to avoid the road works.
It is the principle that seems to be at stake here.

No he can’t.

Oh dear… so the Mairie cannot advise…ah well… what is in the local press ?? … The whole thing will have been discussed in great detail, from application/planning right down the commencement of the works…and I would have expected someone to raise the topic of Tolls and Locals… :thinking:

What do your neighbours say… ??

Looking at the Link which David posted… there is a wealth of info and, importantly, there is an email contact… so I presume Locals can ask questions… got to be worth a try…