Form Hi 6650

H1 6650. Bonjour
I have completed this
Form downloaded from the Impots website. This may be a daft question but how do I return it? Printed and posted or electronically? If the latter how is it signed and how is it uploaded? Thanks.
Ps. I have requested this form and I’m in contact with Impots via their messaging service. Thank you in advance. Ian.

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I recently completed one and simply took it in to the tax office. My tax office has now changed, I think as a result of trying to rationalise services. The new one doesn’t seem so helpful. They just asked me to resubmit with areas validated by a diagnostique. The ‘old’ office simply accepted my measurements - frustrating!

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Oh dear - that’s not very promising. I wonder what ours will do. That has also changed from a very helpful one to a very unhelpful one…

Hi Ian
You may find this link useful

Hello Graham, thank you, I’ll check the link. Ian

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I think we sent ours by post… some years ago now, of course as you know :wink:

If I read it correctly it’s printed and posted.

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I think that’s correct. I’m not sure that the impôts yet have a secure documents upload facility.

Of course, new build!
We are being charged for 2 houses although it was joined before we moved in, well before, 1976 up to 1999.
We’ve been paying for 2 ever since we bought it. We did raise this years ago with a disinterested person in the Confolens tax office.:disappointed:

Perhaps this time Ian, they’ll get round to it :wink:

Hello, the website does not state what to do with the form so i’ve just put it in the post.
I asked my original question re tax fonciere on the messaging service on the Impots site. I must say they were fairly quick to respond
but subsequent questions have gone unanswered.

I think my H1 form was accompanied by a letter from the sender so it was more obvious as to the route required for its return. It formed part of the process towards closing off the fonciere free period (new property then, as you said).
Sadly now, I can’t now remember the address to which it was sent (since we live fairly close to each other in the same Dept). Apologies.
Would your Mairie know?

Hi, yes I found an address , it’s in Angouleme. If they told you they’d have to kill you , lol.

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Thinking about it Ian, it might have been the prefecture - planning dept…

In your case I would think so, being a New build.

What is it that you have had done @renard?


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sounds like something which should have been noticed when the property changed hands… ???

It was -

I meant at the time of sale with the Notaire… when questions are put to the Seller about “what has changed etc…”
was the sale for 2 properties ???
was permission ever gained to combine the 2 properties into 1 ??