Formal notice from Mairie of residency

Does anyone know if there is a formal notice of residency that the Mairie can issue to confirm that you are resident in France. If so what would be the official title of such a document.

I am keen to get something from the Mairie prior to 29th March.


Copies of your Avis D’Impots would be better proof of residency.

@tim17 I don’t have one yet as I haven’t needed to make a tax return and have only just arrived permenantly.

Hi Mat… go to the Mairie… ask if they will take you on the Electoral Roll… the Deadline has been extended to 31st March… exceptionally this year…

If you go now… you are still EU and have the right to Register for Local and European Elections (yes, I know Brexit will upset that, but not yet).

You’ll need your Passport and either a bill or the purchase document (1 page) you will have been given by the Notaire when your bought your property… something like that… they might not ask to see anything… all depends.

Anyway, tell them you are “here” and want to get things logged-on asap.

On a good day, the staff will be most helpful… but… some days are easier than others, so who knows.

(Our Mairie stopped issuing a “letter/document” in which they attested that so-and-so had been here permanently since xxxxx… as it all backfired on them, higher-up discovered that the so-and-so had never done a tax return in 5 years… ooops. :thinking: That so-and-so was trying to work the system to his own advantage… :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face: )

Good luck.

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My préfecture insisted I get an attestation de domicile from the mairie.
The mairie said they didn’t issue them any more, and the préfecture didn’t need one.
After some persuasion they did issue one, having taken copies of my passport and avis d’impot and a utility bill. It mayalso have helped that the mayor knows me personally.
I had to agree with them that it was totally pointless, since they issued it on the basis of having seen my tax forms and utility bills, and the préfecture also saw those same tax forms and utility bills so could have drawn their own conclusions. But we agreed that sometimes it’s just easier to do what the prefecture asks, even if it seems daft.

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How long ago was that Anna??? Our Mairie stopped about 6 or 7 years ago… but maybe things have changed again since then… :thinking:

Mat has only just arrived “permanently”… so the Electoral Roll could be a useful step as the date will be clear to all…

Just a thought Mat… have you changed the address to which all bills come… ie Tax Foncière, d’Habitation, Electricity, Water, Phone… whatever.

If they previously went to a “foreign” address… get that changed right now…

Also, tell your Bank that you are now Permanent and not Foreign Visitors… Certainly Credit Agricole needed to know when we arrived… and, of course, the address for their paperwork, cheque books etc.

All these things will add to your credibility when you need to say when you first arrived “permanently”…

I didn’t know such an attestation existed, but I do have a slip of paper stating that I’m eligible to vote in certain elections…not National

Excellent idea.

Just work on all the angles Mat… :hugs:

Tax’d’Hab will have your property marked as a Second Home (with all or nothing that that entails)… so getting it changed to your Main Residence is another link in the chain…

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We have told our local office this but we don’t know if they’ve actually changed their records. How can we find out?

A slight twist on this, once we are 3rd nation citizens in theory various documents can be demanded of you at the border. Apart from passports there is also proof of means, where you will stay and the fact that you have a return ticket or sufficient funds to buy one. Where you will stay is interesting, that could be a hotel booking or - if you plan to stay with friends an attestation signed by the mayor of the commune in which you will be staying. Nowhere on the government site that I looked at could I see proof that you are visiting your own property amongst the acceptable documents…

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Isn’t the new Europe Visa scheme supposed to deal with this Paul?

Not sure but don’t think so. ETIAS will just cover whether you are the “right sort” generally. I assume that it will still be necessary to demonstrate that accommodation has been arranged and that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay and return journey each time you visit.

I expect any border guard would be sensible of one has proof of property ownership.

I can’t believe it will be any more onerous than the ESTA needed to get into the US which lasts for two years.

I imagine it will cover the usual criminal record type stuff. The fact that UK nationals will have to apply might make a few sit up, but that’s life.

It was earlier this year, but as I said, officially M. le Maire will not sign them any more. I think the mairie made an exception because I grovelled and because both the receptionist and the mayor know me of old. We shared gripes about the préfecture - I told her that the list of documents required definitely didn’t mention an attestation de domicile so I didn’t know why they were insisting on one, and she agreed that they shouldn’t be insisting on one but she knows from past experience that the préfecture is a law unto itself and a pain to deal with, so we kind of united against a common enemy and she said “come in and pick it up tomorrow” which I did.

If the OP moved after 1st Jan 2019 the taxe d’habitation won’t change to main residence until the bill he will receive towards the end of 2020 because the change of status is only triggered when the fisc proceess a residents tax return submitted from that address. If he moved before 1.1.19 and he submits a tax return this May, he’ll be billed TdH as a resident this coming October or whenever.

Personally I think he should focus on lining up the documents the prefecture actually asks for - usually healthcare attestation, utility bills, rental contract if renting, ID / état civile documents, appropriate proof of income for whatever his status in France is. Random extras like a voting card won’t do any harm but they’re not a subsitute for the core justificatifs. At this stage I don’t see that it’s important to prove exactly when you arrived because whether you arrived last March or this March makes no real difference to an application for a temporary CDS, all they need to know is that you are exercising freedom of movement correctly which basically just means having somewhere to live and living there, having healthcare and having sufficient income. It’s not until you apply for a permanent CDS and you need to prove a 5 year period that your date of arrival becomes important, and by that time you will have automatically accumulated all the tax returns and property tax invoices that you need.

Our Mme. Maire gave me an attestation de domicile last year, just ask nicely and say why you want/need it.

Hi Anna… I’m not saying the Taxd’Hab will change this year, but if you notify them in writing that you are here permanently … it is on file… and there may well be a need to prove that a person is here before the 31st March… (hopefully nothing onerous) and if, indeed, that person IS here, why not get things moving… every piece of data adds to the weight of the dossier… :relaxed::relaxed:

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Mind you, Mark… you have been Resident for years… not quite the same when someone is just arriving… :thinking: