Formula 1 2021 season

15 days until Bahrain

I sincerely hope this will be an interesting and close fought championship where no single team or driver dominates.

I enjoyed the battles in the middle of the field last season. I also hope it’s more open this year.

A Legend has passed the finish line. RIP Farty

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Not F1, but another motorsport legend passes away. RIP Sabine.

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A true professional lady, precision driver on the Ring and absolutely hilarious. RIP Beeny.

Absolutely, so sad, so talented. Watched a log cabin building company making a huge new home for someone, that someone was Sabine and her husband, hope they got to enjoy it.

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Excited RB taking it to Merc

Fingers crossed for close races. Now if we could just rid of tyre and fuel management.

I agree about tyres, being bound to Pirelli is curious but given the number of accidents in the past associated with fuel management, I think the current policy works well.

…nice to see some real competition this year …

Hamilton wins - just!

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but it’s why Hamilton is World Champion… it seems VER was prepared to try to win by going off track and taking the penalty, effectively cheating his way to the win.

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True. If it carries on like this it could be an exciting season.

Closest finish for a while, and a great race. If it continues like that its going to be an exciting season.

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I saw Lewis release his brakes earlier and that forced Max to have to run wide. Great racing and Max will bag some wins.

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