Four months of not knowing, and then?

23 June. The EU referendum. Need I say more? A large number of people living in EU states who are not on electoral rolls will be excluded. So too many Europeans who have lived in the UK for many years, have their homes and all else there. It is a vote that affects many people, not just those allowed to vote. It is disgrace all round and will cause a lot of worry and stress to a lot of people. Look at the line up of six who are supporting Brexit and please note our favourite cabinet member IDS is one of them and what will happen in the event of leaving the EU if he gets his way.

Another option…

A valuable tip, thank you Jonahan.

If you watch Tannhäuser for "raciness", you may do well to confine yourself to Act 1 as you won't find much in Acts 2 or 3.

Ain't that the truth!

It's the way us Europeans converse Joan. The back reference to Shirley was an attempt to inject a little continuity into discussions like this which can become very disjointed. No I wasn't lecturing you simply making a comment on what I see from this side of the pond and what I am told by my family (and they are American). Of course you don't have an underclass do you. You don't have a working class as you seem to have reclassified them as middle class.

Yes Shirley. The grandson of an immigrant restaurateur and brothel keeper in the Klondyke. He didn't make his fortune he inherited it from his Dad Fred who had already made a fortune before Donald joined the family firm. He cleverly elides the truth of his own current fortune (it's probably significantly smaller than his script suggests).He must have had a sudden decline in health to manage to dodge the draft as originally he was classifies as A1. He gets chased by the Justice Department over irregularities in his letting policies in the residential accommodation he owned. Settled the last with a dollop of cash which saved him going to trial. Copped a plea in other words you might say though I couldn't possibly say such a thing. He's still being investigated by the IRS. And why for goodness sake does he continue to refer to himself in the third person?

I’ll give it a gander Peter.

John, you can't get more 'racy' an opera than Tannehauser !

I think you're right about Trump David and I hope you're right about Brexit.

Sorry I just meant a place for people to vent their feelings. I prefer jisters. I am certainly not an academic like some on this site. I am just a gardener (today), tomorrow I will be a fitness trainer or a cycling coach. My wife won a prize on Riviera Radio today. That's nice.

PS Trump is going to win the Republican nomination and Brexit will fail. You can move to more productive endeavours now.

Done, though my participation is quite sporadic :slight_smile: I spend a fair amount of time travelling, near and far.

It’s what about nude bathing and Wagner that excites David that’s of interest :slight_smile:

Your words are soothing, but actually I do not know what is a “vent portal”. So it’s me who feels stupid. But that’s why I ask so many questions.
As you say, so many knowledgable people on site. I am quite ignorant of European politics, so I do learn a lot.
Did you see the results from the Super Tuesday elections? I find them daunting.
I thought the protest would end at these ballot boxes, but now I have to hold my breathe for longer. Hmmm! Hmmm!

Hi Joan I think that this is simply a "vent portal". There appear to be a lot of knowledgeable people and I must say that I am impressed and often feel pretty stupid. However the issue of The Donald and Brexit quite frankly will not be resolved here.

Hi John,
I am trying to friend you with no luck.
Can’t be that you are not a member.
Do you have another name.
I even enlisted Brian’s help and still no luck.
If you want t share politics via email can you please “friend” me.

Excuse me! Are you lecturing ME?
I asked Shirley a few questions.
You say you are not answering for her. Then why mention her name.
“You Americans” you say.
You are assuming too much.
Your diatribe makes little sense.
Why not answer my questions and say where you have accumulated such opinions.
Support your thesis Mr. Gay

Well Joan I can't answer for Shirley and I won't be voting for Hilary or Bernie but I do have family in the US and I feel embarrassed for them. Trump just seems a more evil version of Boris . Clinton seems the same old same old. I like Bernie but he is so tagged with the nonsense of being a SOCIALIST that he may make a showing but then? I would like the good voters to try to escape the notion that Sanders equals Socialism He's not. In Europe he would be regarded as a social democrat more inclined to Sweden than British Labour. You Americans seek to portray your country as the epitome of democracy but that definition lacks humanity your economy relies as much on the efforts of an underclass as ever did the old slave states of the South. Do what you want in your own country but don't come trying to introduce the same mayhem in Europe via your open access trade deals.Sadly Joan the US has made immense contributions to Europe and we for the most part treat Americans in person as friends but your state has become increasingly disagreeable. Much like the 1930's when in an effort to appreciate German culture we all got terribly excited about Wagner and nude bathing. The Germans were like us and our friends and the last great unpleasant nes could be set aside.

Yep, being spoken in the same breath as the KKK for example is a tad worrying methinks !

Trump has been bankrupt five times, so he is flawed. The republicans will rue the day they let him team up with them before this campaign is over. It is not just Trump but the screwballs endorsing him that is making his irrationality seem all the more dangerous. He is only as dangerous as his most dangerous supporters and enemies. Some of the things he has said has picked him up both.