"France – a remarkably successful social democracy..."

I think you mean alternate universe :wink:

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That implies one. There could be hundreds.

Guess the episode.

So Macron is on 30%, Le Pen on 32% and the most popular is Edouard Philippe is on 34 percent, he is not exactly far behind them is he, 2-4%.

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A centrist who isn’t a WEC stooge/globalist and doesn’t abuse Presidential powers to force through legislation would be nice.

Far left and far right are two cheeks of a very unpleasant arse.

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You don’t say…

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@everyone, please don’t feed the troll. Someone is clearly off their meds again.


Well it is Friday night :crazy_face:


It seems that even when he does get something right he gets no credit.

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There was a report the other day released in France which reported that 60 % of nurses are looking to leave the profession.

That is a scary statistic Mr Macron.

Just saying.

Actively seeking alternative employment or “have thought about it”?

I think about leaving my job most days, then reality sets in.

This sort of thing depends on how you ask the question.

A link would be good as well - only a quick search but this was the most recent report I found and it suggests half your number - still high at 30% and large scale job dissatisfaction in healthcare should not be dismissed lightly but as I said, not all those who are “thinking about it” will actually jump ship.

Oh told me about the report……I never read it.

But like you say, actively, thinking about it, I’m pîsssed off. …mean very different things.

That said, there is clearly a problem.

Same in the police forces.

Macron has done more harm than good in France.

Did Macron put the French back into work ?


Wrong again

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Was it down to Macron ? Did Macron single-handedly bring unemployment levels down ?

Or was it just the forces of economics.

We get it you don’t like Macron the antichrist :laughing:

I will miss him when his gone….because he provides such worldwide entertainment.

He has become such a global joke……no one could follow that act.

So who do (or would) you vote for?

I voted Macron in both rounds in both elections. Most people I know are pretty satisfied with Macron, I don’t actually know anyone as vituperative about him as you seem to be.


My OH voted for him twice. So did my FIL.

You think I am vituperative :grinning:

You should here them.

Who would you have voted for then.



Then you deserve whatever you get.

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