"France – a remarkably successful social democracy..."

There’s a lot of nurses thinking about leaving in the UK as well and police officers

Of course……

MLP or Macron ……the same shìt.

May as well stay in bed.

Who would I vote for in the UK ?

I would still stay in bed.

I would die before voting conservative and Labour is just an embarrassment.

Liberal, Green ?……yeah I would vote for them….but….nobody else does so I may as well stay in bed.

I have not had a vote since 1997. And that vote went horribly wrong.

I would never not vote, too many people died and suffered to give me the right to vote how I like.


I bet those who died to allow us the freedom to vote must turn in their graves at the quality of people we have to choose from today.


and all the rest…

Not voting or voting blanc should send a message.

What an odd selection of people to group together. I think you get a little run away with yourself at times.


My neighbour is going in the opposite direction from Chef to nurse. She has a young family and says that the pressure and long late hours as a Chef is just too much for her now. And once qualified, she can earn much more money and have the ability to work more flexibly.

Hospitals around here are overwhelmed. Its barmy. And there are four.

10 years ago you could get a radio or an echo or specialist appointment in days. Or even next day.

Now it is two to three weeks. Specialists….2-6 months or more.

Forget Dentists. That is a years wait.

I had an echo the other day on my hand and the doctor just looked so tired. I felt for him. He was in his middle sixties.

Will she find a better work life balance working as a nurse ?

With the population (or immigration rather) growing as it is, what is the 10 years going to be like ?

We seem to have the opposite here. We both got a good dentist straight away. OH had a knee replacment recently. She did have to wait 3 months for the appointment with the surgeon, having had x-rays and scan in the meantime. It was clear to him that a new knee was required and he offered surgery in less than 3 weeks. In the end, we opted to delay a few extra weeks so that she would not be in hospital for her birthday, Christmas and New Year. After 5 days in hospital she had 3 weeks of intensive physio, one week inpatient in a rehab clinic and two as outpatient. Had to go to Urgence two weeks ago as OH trapped her thumb in a door jamb when the door slammed. Hell of a mess. She was seen within 30 minutes, and out again after x-rays, stitches etc after 3 hours. We are both impressed at how good provision is here.
Also, she is certain the work life balance will work better for her and her family. As a chef she worked long hours, until late at night day in day out. Couldn’t go on holiday in the summer with the family and had little flexibility. Very rarely got to put her kids to bed. Pissed her off.

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What you describe is what it was like here 10 years ago. But the population has massively grown, immigration has grown but medical services are unable to keep up.

They are happy to build houses and new apartments non stop, but not the medical facilities to support the inevitable population growth.

By “here” I presume you mean your neck of the woods, because our experience would mirror @hairbear s. Some villages are struggling to find GPs though, but I think the Dr. Finley days are gone and it’ll be primary healthcare centres catering for several communes from now on.


My commune of 900-odd inhabitants doesn’t have a doctor but we do have a dentist and in our neighbouring small communes 1 and 3 doctors respectively. In our neighbouring big commune there’s a hospital, 2 clinics, lots of GPs and dentists and specialists of all sorts plus orthodontists podiatrists physiotherapists etc.

Any city I guess

But how does that work when somthing serious goes wrong?

And it does…life is like that.

I don’t really know what your question is actually asking

I have 4 doctors less than 5 minutes away by car. The pompiers are 8 km away, as is the hospital. And yet I live in the country.


Im asking…….when you need specialist care. Do you join the queues in the cities ?

GP makes appointment if a specialist is needed or eg I had an urgence ophtalmique a couple of months ago rang my ophtalmo and was seen the same day. If I couldn’t drive I’d get an ambulance taxi.


Do you think you can only get specialist care in cities.

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So you have all the specialists in your area that you need.

Liver, lungs, arm, hand, eyes, feet, kidneys, skin, diabetes, cancer, cardiologists….and all the rest.

So far yes, since I haven’t luckily had to use all the services, but myself, my wife and FIL have had access to all we need.