"France – a remarkably successful social democracy..."

You retired at 44 (your own omission) so I guess your body is not falling apart like the rest of us at 50…60….65.

Life will catch up with you.

What a cheerful and positive attitude :roll_eyes:


As you know not all France is a medical dessert, we have 4 Dr’s in our village must be 1 for each 100 residents and 1 for 30 in the Winter also many other medical professionals. Hospitals in Avallon Auxerre Dijon Macon and only 2.5hrs from Paris.

So it would seem, not that I’ve had to test them yet. Presumably you don’t have any of these things, which doesn’t entirely surprise me since you have told us all several times that you live in a hellhole (and I don’t really understand why you don’t move, seeing it’s so horrible, but each to each).


Yes we do, thankfully.

I’m sometimes frustrated with the sheep like acceptance by Irish taxpayers of the very expensive yet poor Irish Public Healthcare system. I put it down to them being ignorant of how well it works elsewhere. I think you may have the opposite problem.

How do you think healthcare here ranks against Germany or Italy or the UK? Or maybe a smaller country, perhaps Belgium or Spain? What’s going wrong here and what needs to be fixed? Is there a better model to follow?

You really need to check your posts


That is not really the point of the debate.

Economic and more importantly climate migration will decimate healthcare in whatever country you choose to talk about in Europe.

It is a fact …it is coming.

I read yesterday that the UK repayments on debt just in April of this year would pay for 21 new hospitals.

More or less the same in France I should imagine.

Christ. You really don’t know much about other people do you ?


I think you’re not in a good place :thinking: Electric cars are shit, pellet burners are shit, ALL politicians are shit, the health service is shit, the World’s going to end soon… Time to perk up :slightly_smiling_face:

I listened to this today (while trying to fix my pH pump :roll_eyes: help @Corona) I’m sure you’d enjoy it.

But I never said any of those things.

I have questioned and debated and highlight problems but have never used the language you have described in your post.

And that…is the problem in our world today.

People like you.

QED :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

There is a very useful function of SF the ability to block certain members so you don’t have to read their posts - 1 particular member is getting very close.


I did wonder if that was possible so thank you for confirming :+1:

Thanks for that :roll_eyes:, my body fell apart a long time ago, beat cancer, then had two strokes, loss of 4 fingers and I am dying from a loss of my upper thalamus (sleep centre) so only get 30-35 hours sleep a month so I know how long I have left, so don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know :thinking:


grrr jealous

That is very rough what you have had to endure.

My wife is handicapped. She can work but only from home.

Trouble is, her job is being replaced by AI. Thousands of jobs like hers across the world have already been suppressed.

Her job could go Monday or in 2 years time. But it is going.

That means to get her full pension at 64 she will have to find another job working from home with a handicap…….at 50. That is not really going to happen is it ?

Macron famously said I can walk you across the road and find you a job. Ok, but what happens if you can’t walk across the road ?

AI and climate change will make millions of people redundant.

Riasing the retirement age to 64 is quite pointless because the world changing.

They need a new plan.

I wouldn’t be so despondent. Post Covid the percentage of people working from home has rocketed. To the extent that friends of mine in the commercial property market tell me there’s a slump in demand for office space. I can tell from background noise that many of the call centre agents I talk to are working from home, and why not, it makes perfect sense for that role.

I wouldn’t be too sure about mass AI job replacement either. It’s frustrating enough now getting hold of a real person in many companies, I think putting a further, albeit more sophisticated, layer in between the client/customer will have a backlash. That backlash will occur through clients/customers migrating to the companies that provide the best service. For example, despite Amazon bricks and mortar bookshops are thriving.

My old firm seems to think they can replace HR with AI, so they are running down the HR department WW. I hope that blows up in their face :roll_eyes: There’s already a trend in some industries to fire people by email, how disgraceful is that? I hope top talent avoid such firms and those there vote with their feet.

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IBM are going for it. And others will follow.

It is killing jobs that you would not expect. But once you get your head around AI you realise that AI has no boundaries.

We have a plan, so it won’t really effect us. But others don’t.

France has good labour laws so it is not so easy to make people redundant. The Uk, America and others don’t.

Does you wife work for IBM? They have many people working from home. Plus, IBM’s days as a trend setter are long gone. If she is with IBM, now may be the perfect time to jump ship. I know the Company, very, very well and the current CEO isn’t going to take it anywhere but down, no more than Mr. “EPS is King” Palmisano or Dizzy Rometty did :roll_eyes: The last CEO with integrity and vision was Gerstner.

Not anymore……but you might know her. It is a small world at there.

Ibmers work a lot from home in the UK. It is a bit frowned upon in France even if their offices can’t accommodate all their workers if they decide to turn up. You cant have it both ways.

We used to live in Bois Colombes….right opposite their HQ. Nice building.