France for Xmas

I have a flight booked from London to Toulouse for Xmas. I think it will be a no no and too dangerous. Anyone else in the same boat. I work and live in London but have a home in France that I seen once this year.

I wish you good luck. I too have reserved flights fir two of my children and my mother flying in for the Xmas break. Not a lot we can do other than keep fingers crossed. According to my Covid app the R rate and numbers are falling in France but we will see

Thanks and you too.

Announcement this week by Macron about upcoming Xmas holiday period.

Thanks, update us if you can.

We usually have to wait for the fine detail in the days following his announcements - a bit like the incumbent in No. 10.

Understood :grinning:

Macron’s announcement is next week.

What will he announce.
How many in a bubble or how many bubbles
can enjoy togetherness.
Or when will vacination begin

Sorry to be a kill joy but dont people realise that travel from here to there and socialising is the prime reason for the spread of Covid.
We would love to see our children and grandchildren who we haven’t seen in person for more than 12 months. We are both reasonably fit 60 somethings so not shielding as such but we follow the rules. We could have had them visit is this summer but said no. The relaxed rules this summer surely have intensified the covid spike we are now experiencing.
Be sensible and dont travel when it really isnt necessary. I doubt I will ever fly again exposed to who knows what while sat in a metal tube in close proximity to potential covid carriers.
Use technology to interact with family instead and then still be alive to enjoy a future of freedom one again when a vaccine finally kills our enemy.


Sorry Tim, not aimed at you just a general response :grinning:




Seems that flying is a pretty safe environment compared to the average supermarket as they have high performance air filters and now have fast air changes.

We too have not seem family this year - hard when grandchildren growing so fast. However I agree that unless essential don’t travel. Even with the vaccine it is going to take a long time to get this controlled, so we all need to do our bit to stop people dying unnecessarily.


Must say… I’ve known folk who always seemed to catch something when they flew, in days gone by… coughs/colds… that sort of thing… One friend joked about trying not to breathe during the short Ryan Air flight…

these days… it is no joking matter, of course.


I completely agree, I think it is dangerous and if everyone travels at Christmas any forward steps we’ve made will be pulled right back. I dont’ want people from the UK here in my community, and I’m not being racist - I don’t want Parisians, Belgiums etc either! If everyone just made an effort to stay put we’d have a chance of getting on top of this thing.

We are all in the same boat. I haven’t seen my eldest son since he left on a 2 week holiday in March and got locked down. He is only 19 and I’ve never been away from him at Christmas so I’m very sad :sleepy: . We’ve not seen my elderly MIL this year, nor my mum (and god knows when she’ll be able to travel from Oz!). As much as I’d love to have them here and see my family there is no way I’d put them / us / my community at risk by having them over.


France has covid, UK has covid, so a few more people per hundred thousand have covid here or there but you take mask precautions and distance where you can but we need to drop this idea that the border matters and bad things come from somewhere abroad. Time to get on with life in a sensible fashion.


I agree John and for me, getting on with life sensibly is about minimal contact with other people for the foreseeable future. This has nothing to do with borders. I have turned down an invitation to spend Christmas day with close friends who live in town - why take risks at this stage?
The Black Death spread throughout England because people fled London where they were living in appalling conditions. We are seeing a repeat of that today as people who live in cities try to escape to the country.


It’s nothing to do with borders. Just don’t mix and mingle.


We were lucky to have our Munich family here for a fortnight during the summer, but we only see them for that time during the year.
The other Granny usually spends Christmas with them, but who knows now, even though she is just over an hour away.

I do agree to a point, but as you saw I also mentioned Parisians! I just don’t think people should be moving around. Keep local, then areas that are low will stay low and make the whole thing as a whole easier to get on top of.