France just made every single one of its citizens an organ donor

I have always carried a donor card and have tried over the years to encourage (without success) family members to do the same! now they feel that their freedom of choice has been taken away even though they would happily accept a donation! and that’s how the fight started. Thoughts please!


Why do they feel that they have lost their freedom of choice? Surely the only difference now is, if they are really so anti, they have to opt out. That’s a choice.


That is what I said to them but they seem to think that it is a way down the slippery slope -
to what I don’t know!

I suppose that they feel that they are being told what to do and don’t like it. Ignore them, they must be really lazy if they can’t be bothered to opt out.

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Brilliant and well overdue!


I have never understood opposition to universal donation. Once you’re dead you’re dead and how many times have we heard the vicar say that what is in the coffin is not the person but a shell, an empty coat. So if the coat is short of a few buttons so what. I make exception for those religions which have the bizarre belief that the body should be buried whole as it will be needed in the next world.


David, I know in UK there is a real shortage of blood donors from certain ethnic groups, which can lead to problems in those same groups when they need blood.
I think universal organ donation is a step in the right direction, but bizarrely France continues to refuse blood donation from UK citizens because of mad cow disease, whilst totally ignoring the fact that it was prevalent here in France.


my husband cannot donate an organ as he has neuroendocrine cancer which can affect all organs and tissue and would there possibly be passed on, but he carries a card to this effect

US did not accept cornea donation from one who lived in GB 40+ years ago.

Peter, bizarrely the French will accept UK organs, but not our blood.


I have to admit that I fully support this law. For those who do not wish to donate their organs, the situation has been reversed and they now have to opt out. I do not feel that this is a huge problem, after all, we had to carry a donor card, i.e. opt in, before. If one reads the Independent article, it is made clear that opting out is not a problem.

It’s an odd one. In France, my blood has been refused because of the Mad Cow Disease outbreak about two decades ago, and yet, I gave blood in the U.K. because my blood was tested and found to be fine. However, those are the rules and it appears that there is nothing that we can do about it.

We carry an organ donor card here in France even though they won’t take our blood. I assume organs can be used if properly treated. Either way , I’d just be glad to help as many people as possible after I’m gone.

I am happy either way. You need to make a decision if you need to opt out or in for organ donation. Blood is totally different. The French are totally denying that they had mad cow disease (la vache folle).

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That’s because they didn’t have CJD here, they called it JCB disease instead, because that was what was used to dig big holes in the corner of the fields!

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I live with an ex-military frenchman who has always donated… He can no longer give blood because he lives with an “anglaise” and regularly visits the UK!!! Do they stop all french tourists who’ve visited the UK from donating too? More anti-British xenophobia from our good old “allies” the french…

That is not the regulation.

Does this new law apply to citizens or residents. I think there is a difference is there not? I am a resident of French but, as I see it, not a citizen because I do not have French nationality. Can anyone clarify this please?

That is an interesting question. All the references I’ve seen refer to citizens but on the opt out form a titre de sejour is given as a valid means of identification.

I’ve lived in France 12 years. I know how racist a lot of french people
are… Not just against the British either.

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single one of its citizens an organ donor

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Not really anti-British, I think I mentioned before that no cornea
donation in Texas due to person lived in GB 40+ years ago. Or maybe it
was because of visit UK 10+ years ago. Interesting though.