France: Press Release 31/01/2020- updates

A new on-line Application system for CdS will be available from July 2020

Anyone who has already applied using the “old” on-line (which was liaised with the case of no-deal 31/10/2019) need not re-apply…

Brits who are currently local councillors… can continue in that role until the end of their mandate (end of the elections in March)… but no Brits can vote or stand for election (we knew that…)


Thanks Stella
The optimist in me says that is giving the authorities time to process those who have already applied in October before the rush of applications later this year. We shall see :crossed_fingers:

Good to see that.
Does anyone who applied on that system still have their acknowledgment email or remember what it said? I can’t find mine :roll_eyes: Did it say that in due course they’ll send an SMS or an email or a letter, or what?

Hi Anna - It says you will receive an Email giving you a rendezvous at the Prefecture to complete your application - If your original online application last year had anything missing they would have Emailed you with what was needed.

We are in Nouvelle Aquitaine and assume we will get the appointment later rather than sooner this year.

If you like l can send you the full text of the acknowledgement by PM.

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It says if the information you sent is complete they will contact par mail for a rendezvous at your prefecture to present passport, take fingerprints and give them a photo and finally payment of 119 euros.
Or if your info is not complete they will email a request for what is missing.
You also need to present the attestation you recieved in October when you registered.
I hope you can find yours Anna!

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Thanks both :+1:
I already had a cds so there was no information to send as I recall, apart from a scan of my current cds?

Same as me, although mine was out of date by quite a few years.

Cannot see anything in my acknowledgement email about and attestation or copy of said acknowledgement being required - It talks about fingerprints, photos and the fee - That’s all.

What attestation is that please John.?

Can you tell me the email address that it was sent from, so I can do a search on that?
Or the heading of the email?

I think it refers to the print out of the acknowledgement email you received


Found it :slight_smile: I was looking in my personal email box and for some reason I had used my business email address, why on earth did I do that.
Yes mine says what yours say so all is good and I have my reference number :grin:

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Actually, my “receipt” simply advises me to keep it…
Madame/ Monsieur,

Vous venez de valider une demande de carte de séjour.

Le dépôt de cette demande au nom de STELLA WOOD a été enregistré sous le numéro xxxxxx-xxxx.

Votre dossier va être transféré pour instruction vers la préfecture de votre lieu de résidence.

Vous serez informé(e) par message électronique des suites de votre demande.

Si votre dossier est complet, vous serez contacté(e) par mail pour convenir d’un rendez-vous auprès de votre préfecture afin de finaliser vos démarches ( présentation de votre passeport / prise d’empreintes / fourniture d’une photographie d’identité récente (format 35 mm x 45 mm) / justification du paiement de la taxe sur le titre de séjour de 119 euros ).

Si une pièce est manquante ou inadaptée, vous recevrez un mail sollicitant un complément d’information.

Nous vous conseillons de conserver la présente attestation pour vos prochaines démarches en préfecture.

Ceci est un message automatique, merci de ne pas y répondre.

so, I’m waiting for an email asking me to visit the Prefecture to have fingerprints taken and give them a photo… then, I believe, the CdS will be sent by post.

At the recent info meeting… we were told not to attempt to contact…merely wait for them and they will be doing their stuff asap… but it will take time…

Thanks John - L missed that bit - OH called it a senior moment - they seem to be becoming more frequent :confused: :confused: :confused:

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That’s how l read it Stella but John says we need to present it - No wonder l feel confused’ - perhaps he thought présente means ‘to present’ as opposed to ‘the current’ - Isn’t the French language so much fun.

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I read it to mean… if you query anything, you will/might need this reference number to help us find your stuff…

It certainly does not say Do Not Destroy… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I guess the reference number is the important thing. Don’t suppose it matters whether you take the email with you, or write the number on a bit of paper, or learn it by heart and reel it off when asked. Printing the email and keeping it in a safe place, and keeping a pdf on my desktop in case I forget where the safe place is, is :roll_eyes: is my plan.

I don’t think it is like when you go shopping… and sometimes have to take a number, before you get served…

If they contact me… it will be clear that they do have my dossier… and all will be well even if I have not got my “number”… :hugs:
they will have it…
I might well have to take a printout of a future email which asks me to go to the Prefecture… that will be proving I should be there on whatever day etc…