Free LED bulbs

Free LED bulbs via a government offer. It has changed slightly now, but you can still get 5 free and pay a small amount for extras. It is estimated that 1 in 2 households qualify, so well worth it if you have a low income.


Thanks for sharing the link Chris. I didn’t qualify for the 5 free ones
but was able to order 25 of them for 2€. Not a bad deal!

Many thanks, Chris, just ordered 25 for 16,99€ : not as cheap as Rik’s but more than happy at that price :wink:

Couldn’t complete our order as we don’t have a French mobile number!
Will go and buy a cheap sim tomorrow…

Thanks @ChrisK just ordered 25 for €2 :slight_smile:

I know it’s exciting James but are you sure about “frugle” :grinning:

Here’s another site that supplies free LED’s. Screw fitting only

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I’m impressed by your vocabulary, I’m happy to say I had to look that up! :slight_smile:

The truth is, I often find myself having to do the same…

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Thanks for sharing. I have ordered a while ago 10 for €0 which should arrive shortly, and just ordered another 25 for €2.


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Has anyone actually received their bulbs yet? I ordered 25 for €2 two or three weeks ago but not arrived yet.

I believe 8 weeks is more realistic.

I was going to ask the sme thing - nothing heard… :frowning:

The website states delivered within 8 weeks. Something for virtually nothing obviously requires patience…

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Thank you so much for the tip off! I have just ordered 25. We go through bulbs at an alarming rate here at Ells Towers so hopefully this will reduce our lighting costs a bit!

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We got our 10 bulbs for €0 a few weeks ago. Very pleased!

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Received an email from mesampoules today that says they will be delivered in 8 weeks. Also says that they will send an email or text beforehand.

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They do say up to 3 months, I ordered mine 3 months today actually, have had a couple of emails, saying there is a delay but should be receiving them soon!

Is there a problem with the website? Went onto the site suggested at the top of the thread, put in our information as requested and then it takes you to another page which fails to load?

This is the link I used?

25 light bulbs arrived just now, (can I put them on eBay for €2 each ? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)
Good selection of different bulbs, exactly as asked for.

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