Freesat installation

Any advice would be greatful, we have purchased a holiday home and sad I know but I want English TV, I googled all options and have decided to go with freesat with satellite dish. I asked for quote from large company that sub contract work out and they have quoted €560 to install including equipment. Seems rather steep to me. Property is on Mauprévoir (Vivienne) any ideas how to find cheaper options.

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If you are prepared to, ask around in the British community. There’s bound to be someone doing it cheaper than that.

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Hello Tracy, please can you amend your registration to include your full name. It’s a requirement of membership of the forum and we like to know who we are talking to. @smw

In answer to your question, we paid about 450€ for the installation of a satellite dish about 10 years ago although that was a double-headed one so that we could get Sky and Orange TV. I guess this means that 560€ is about right. Some things are just a bit more expensive in France.

I know some people on here who have installed dishes themselves so if you are handy then maybe give it a go.

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€426 - 15 yrs ago for satellite dish ,box and full installation. The satellite dish still going strong but bought a new box last year €30.
Your quote seems a fair price to me, but as always it’s who you know out here or a case of doing it yourself.

This link is from a defunct site, it might help?

Have you asked your neighbours, they often know of smaller DIY’ers?

This old thread on here from earlier this year might also help:

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As Graham’s link suggests it has been discussed more than once on the forum :slight_smile:

DIY is an option, 60cm dish should be fine, I doubt you would need larger than 80 or 90cm.

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Ha… done to death more like :wink:

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I installed one recently having the stuff delivered from UK, cost was about £110.

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Opps sorry how do I do that?


You’ve done it :slight_smile:

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Hi Mat was that to install or purchase from Uk?

Have a read of this Tracy.


I have to say @Mandy_Davies I really like the idea of resurrecting old threads as opposed to starting new ones.
Could it be my way of saving the planet :thinking:

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Thank you very interesting, much appreciated

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ISTR someone (Mat?) having problems because they’d bought a kit with very low quality cable - which reduced the signal so much that there was nothing left at the decoder end.

So make sure you get good quality cable.

Quite right @ptf

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I agree. Re-hashing stuff that has been explained elsewhere seems pointless. It also gives newbies an idea of who knows about particular subjects.

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I’ve been here 20 years, tried all solutions.
The best is I/Net, try TVMUCHO.

Re-posting old threads that are relevant is indeed very useful, but bear in mind some categories and topics such as Technology change rapidly and necessitate up to date information and links.

True, but some will have since stopped posting, hopefully there will be new members who may have many years of experience and advice to offer as well.