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Hi all. A quick question, recently moved to France and have 5 tvs to connect to a satellite dish. Whatever I do I must be able to watch motogp and web. All advice extremely welcome. Thank you in advance.


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Hello Bernard…

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Bernard Daly. Sorry.

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The moto GP will probably need a VPN as far as I can see on a quick check.

What’s your broadband speed?

As for satellite, feeding 5 TVs will require a multi-way LNB from one dish, or multiple dishes or a combination of the two. They do 8-way LNB’s so it is certainly possible though it will be a lot of wiring

Where in France are you?

Oradour Fanais near confolens. 16500

So, for Astra 28.2° E (Freesat) you’ll probably be OK with a 60cm dish - I think you’re just  within the official UK spot beam footprint.

Broadband speed?

This has been discussed a lot on the forum previously - look through the older threads for much information on the subject.


Broadband speed is 20mbps and 10 for uploads

What exactly is a von and how do I set one up.

That should be Vpn. Bloody autospell.

That’s fast enough for Internet TV then.

VPN - Virtual Private Network, basically a way of “fooling” (eg) TV providers to think your internet connection originates from somewhere other than it’s actual locaton - so that (eg) the BBC will think it is in the UK and allow you access to iPlayer etc.

Look through the old threads on the forum or google “UK IP TV France”.

We’ve had some recent recommendations for PureVPN

You can also Google (and search the forum for) “Smart DNS” which might be easier to set up if you are not particularly au-fait with computers, again lots of discussion on the forum.

Thank you for that. Most helpful.

Morning Bernard, the only way you will get to follow MotoGP is by internet and then its debatable. I gave up trying to get MGP some years ago, at least on the UK Tv. I watch it on the German channels and live at that not as highlights. % TV’s, jeez i have problems trying to watch 1 set nevermind 5 of the bloody things.


May I suggest using a miltiswitch for your satellite/TV issue. I have had one for years and works really well. You need a quad LNB to feed into the switch and then you can have multiple TV’s connected - my unit has 12 outputs, not that I have 12 TV’s :wink: but you can get smaller/larger ones.

In addition to satellite connections, you could also feed an external antenna for free to air reception (if you want French TV) and this will also be distributed to all TV’s.

My particular on is an older version of this : EMP-Centauri - Multiswitch MS5/12PIU-5 (P.146-UP)

As for internet, may I suggest you look at degrouptest and put in your details to see what is reportedly the best coverage for you. If you do not have a phone line at present and you don’t know the previous owners number, then use someone close by :