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Bought a Stat Top Box in UK will this work in France?

Yes no problem

How well it will work depends on your location and the size of your dish.

Assuming you have bought a satellite receiver of some kind then, yes, it can work in France. As already mentioned your geographical location will dictate what size dish you might need.

If you can post an exact model number &/or picture of the info it will be easier to give a fuller answer. I say this because people often accidentially buy Freeview boxes in the UK when they mean to buy FreeSAT - I even know someone who was categorically told by an assistant in a major UK chain TV shop that Freeview would work in France! A Freeview box only receives digital terrestrial broadcasts, which from your previous posts I know your TV already does, & you will get TNT broadcasts that way.

The unit we have is Humax HB-1100S Smart Freesat HD. Will this work?
Regards Tony

I thought (HD) Freeview bikes did work in France and could be used to pick up TNT stations.

Yes, absolutely, provided you have a corectly aligned dish of sufficent size for your location (wherever that is…?).

Correct. I wasn’t overly clear in my previous post. A Freeview box (or Freeview TV) located in France will pick up French digital terrestrial broadcasts (TNT) via an aerial.

I understand. It’s a very simple error. :slight_smile:

Channel numbers might be off though - our TV puts everything in the 800’s, presumably because it does not know the mapping from the numbers in the transmissions to “traditional” channels (eg 1 for TF1, etc).

That is indeed true. For example France 2 is channel 817 on our TV. It’s not an issue though, & a lot better than running a separate box (terrestrial or satellite) or using an internet provider’s TV offering to view French TV.

Just to be clear. This does depend on your location and dish size. For example I am in 83 (The south of France) and we have no TV as our 80cm dish is too small since the tightened the Satelite footprint 1-2 years ago. I am told this far south we need a 150cm dish.

Not exactly the same problem, but maybe someone here can help me.
When we moved to Normandie, I brought a Sky dish and box and had no problem installing it so that we could view UK television.
Now we want to view French freeview on Eutelsat 5W. I bought a Francesat box and card and tried to find the satellite using the sky disk and LNB. I was unable to find the satellite using a TV as a signal detector, so I bought a satellite finder. With this, I was able to detect a very faint signal at 5W, but only saw a movement of about one division on the finder.
So is the Sky dish and LNB no good for Eutelsat? Do I need an European dish and LNB?
Would appreciate some advice.

It’s a bit outside my experience (limited to getting a French antenniste to aim the existing dish here at 28.2 °E and an understanding that south of the Villaine you are probably going to need a bigger dish than 60cm).

By “Sky dish” do you mean a mini-dish?

Do you want a set-up which will support Francesat and  Freesat?

Hi Paul.
Yes we want to keep our existing set-up that gives us all the UK free to view channels via our imported Sky box and Minidish. We can also get the French terrestrial channels, but we get a better signal from the Britanny transmitter than from Normandie. So we would prefer to get our local news via satellite and also watch movies in VO (Not available on terrestrial.)
It seems as if Eutelsat 5W has a much weaker signal than Astra, so I suspect I need a French dish and wonder if 60cm is big enough, or will I have to install something more massive?

Can I ask how you get the French terrestrial channels. We have free sat for uk tv. Not sure how to get anything else. Thanks

I’d have thought your best bet would be a 60 cm dish and a twin LNB setup so that one LNB gets the Freesat/Sky signal and the other gets Eutelsat

Teresa - does your house have a TV aerial?

It may even take a 90cm dish.

Just an old-fashioned Yagi antenna with a cable that plugs in to the back of the TV. Like everyone used to do before satellite. :grinning:

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Not quite with me there. The satellites are in different locations, so I need two dishes. And motorized is too exoensive and complicated for this old UK pensioner! :grin: