French citizenship for over 60

Hiding behind “but it could have been anybody’s wife” when the story fits just one well known political couple doesn’t wash Glenn.

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Thank you for your marvellous perception Richard, such very interesting comment. Keep the praise coming.

But Glenn did, and that’s the point.

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not necessary to be personally insulting Richard. Play the ball not the man. (Btw I do agree with your point)

Please edit your post to remove the final sentence as it breaches our T&C. Thanks.

Only if you know who that political couple were. It was just another view and we are all entitiled to that, if one is brave enough to state it publicly of course, which it seems Glenn was… Doesn’t mean that I agree with him or any other person, just a different observation.

You are missing the point.

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Some people me included, are not interested in taking seriously any tittle tattle that is made against partners of heads of state and to be honest, this was the first time that I had seen anything in print about this person, even then I did not read it. It is not important to me.

Quite late to this one too. Not quite 60 but applied over fifty and all the advice and things to do pan out. There have been some major changes kind of due to Covid. So for certain departments it’s an online process to submit your dossier. I think that’s better as it stops the relatively few interview slots being filled with people whose dossier was not complete. If your dossier is good you get convoked. The ‘old’ process involves getting a rdv and it seems to be quite a lottery with occasions where if they could get one it being 12 months later. Lots of those things you need take more time than you think. Even the language TCF was over complicated…no online booking had to go in person …etc.

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I presumed that might be the case, now I consciously realise it is my presumption! Could be an interesting PhD proposal to analyse S1 costs across the community- how it works across the EU. Surely there is data on net gainers / losers…

One factor of course being that for eg UK S1 holders in France, the UK funds around 70% of the cost of care each time. For French holders in the UK France funds 100% of the cost of care each time.

Not the point BUT actually all of us do know this story, all of us meaning Fr people obv, it has been in our gutter press for long enough.


I don’t read anybody’s gutter press, so had no idea before I saw it here. :innocent:

Same here David. Seems we must be in the minority, I’m happy to say for myself.

It is all over the posters outside the newsagents, you know the terrible sensationalist prurient ones like Ici Paris, France dimanche etc they are a part of local culture (in rather the same way as UK tabloids are for British people) and while I wouldn’t recommend actually buying and reading one (because you’ll have to wash your eyes out with soap) you don’t know our culture if you don’t acknowledge their existence.
Edited to add in a different style it is worth looking at our BDs (Charlie obv but others too) and papers like the canard enchaîné etc


j’aime charlie hebdo :grin:

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