French/English converstion

Gary and I will be in Pezenas this spring and we would like to improve our French language skills. Does any one know of a gathering for this.

Excellent! If I can help at all let me know.

This is good information. I will get in touch with her.

She likes to take her students to meet her friends and if you have a particular interest, say wine or food or art or horses or tango dancing… she will try to fit that into your time with her.

We will be at our holiday home from March 23 to June 13, I just check out the tutor’s website you recommended and it is very inviting.

Miles and Annette are arranging meet ups in the Languedoc area, have you joined the group yet? There’s one on Tuesday in Mont de Marsan, but it’s a bit far for you!


How long will you be there Bonnie? Oh and there’s nothing formal about Gudrun!

Thank you so much for responding. Today is my first day to really use these SNF sites. It is really a good way to meet and contact others. I was thinking more of a social gathering of people for conversation. French native speakers who want to spend part of the session practicing english then the reverse, native english speakers who want to practice french. We are open to traveling out of our area of Pezenas if not too far. I really think for us a group situation helps more than one on one formal classes. At least right now anyway. I will also look at the site you recommended.

Hi Bonnie,

I have a really excellent tutor on my website with an original approach to language learning. She’s great fun and has access to places that are usually closed to the public. She has a chambre d’hôte but you don’t have to stay with her…she’s very flexible. She’s based in Aigues Mortes but maybe you could meet half way if that’s too far. Here’s a link to her ad . If you’d rather somebody closer, let me know and I’ll see what I can find. Did you want a private tutor or a class?

Best wishes,