French European Elections slant & UK gossip

Worrying that the RN (Rassemblement National) … French “National Front”… is being pushed as the “country’s saviour” in these European Elections.

It is quite possible that in the prortional voting system where there is only one vote, that they will do well.
In the General Elections the system of two rounds of voting usually ends up with people voting for the one they dislike the least.

Jane… with a choice out of 34 and only one vote… the spread risks being too thin… leaving RN (aka Le Pen) to romp home… :zipper_mouth_face:

With 79 names on their List… I think they might well win/be allocated a majority of seats… and that does not bode well.

To keep her out (or at least minimised) … folk have to back a major party… IMO… but who knows… the world is a strange place at the moment…

We are actually voting in UK.
We are hoping that Remain will do well in the south west.

You do what you must, Jane… we’ve been here too long to be able to vote in UK…

We shall NOT be voting for the RN ( Le Pen) lot… the rest is a secret… :shushing_face:


How will voting for the LibDems or Change UK help stop Brexit, at present polls are predicting Nige’s to get the most seats ahead of Labour and the Tories?

East Anglia is totally different from the South West.

I would say both areas are very similar Jane, rural and full of Leave voters.

OK… if you prefer… I’ll rename the Thread…

It won’t, only voting LibDem in a general election would have any chance of that, but it might wipe that smug smile of Farage’s face :slight_smile:


As a side note, I saw today that the first Euro elections posters to be put up in our area (and at present the only ones) are those promoting a party in favour of FREXIT.

The South West, before the coalition and the row over university fees, was a Lib Dem stronghold.
They did very well in the recent Council elections, so are in the forefront of peoples minds.
Just because there are Leave voters there is not a reason to have our say for Remain.

I think the Animal Party was one of the first on our boards … :upside_down_face:

The Brexit Party did not field any candidates for the local elections, if they had the results would have been very different.

You can vote for whoever you want to Jane (and wherever), personally I’d vote for a French MEP as it’s more relevant to my life currently.

Can we all please remember that it is ILLEGAL to vote in 2 countries for the same Election… (in this case, thus having 2 European votes instead of 1).

Was discussing the new posters with a Brit… and the pro’s and con’s of each party…

“I’ve just received my UK voting stuff” he said… EDIT: (and started to discuss who in UK he would be voting for)… so I swiftly replied…" well that means you won’t be voting for any of this (French) lot"

“why not”… I’ve received my French voting card too and I’ve always voted here" … :upside_down_face::zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

I explained… gently… mmm… honestly, I was gentle…
(someone, please pour me a stiff drink…:roll_eyes:)

He will (almost certainly) not be the only one to find himself with 2 sets of voting stuff…

Anyone in that situation… if you use your UK Vote… you MUST NOT use your French Vote… so consider carefully… then do whatever your head/heart dictates.

Because success for the Brexit party will be misconstrued by the major parties (again!) as an endorsement of Brexit.

Its an exercise in political strategy - not ideal but necessary as the major parties are concentrating exclusively on themselves.


If support for Remain is that strong then there should be a mass turnout next week for the LibDems etc, want to have a wager that there won’t be?

I like to think there will be… but I am not a gambler… I hope for the best, prepare for the worst…

We shall see - that’s kinda the point of a democracy, isn’t it.

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Hi Jane, talking to a friend in Australia and recalling my own days of compulsory voting there - under PR, He was telling me that the recent voting form was almost a meter long! My own last recollection was one with FORTY names on it with a space for numerical preference.
The biggest issue there was what was called the ‘Donkey Vote’ where people just put 1 to 40 down the list as it appeared - which was in alphabetical order! PR may have value for the alert and informed, but sad to say both PR and Compulsory voting don’t automatically make for better parliaments.
Sad to say w really do get the Governments we deserve.

Incidentally just returning from a long delayed cycle ride (too windy usually) I saw the one and only poster on the electoral boards outside the Maire and it was for ‘Ensemble pour Brexit’ - note NOT ‘Frexit’ No other detail, and I haven’t had chance (or real interest) in checking them out.
Fed up with Brits French? or a Group of Brits? Very odd, has anyone else heard of them ?- I don’t see them listed on the electoral websites.