French fishing and Jersey

I wonder what subscribers make of activities around the island of Jersey?

Personally, I think all commercial fishing should be banned (for 5years minimum) to give the oceans half a hope of recovering. Unfortunately no hope of either of those ever happening.


What subscribers make of it seems to be here on this other thread?

Did you read Michel Barnier’s comments about the English negotiating Brexit (specifically Doris) - quite an eye opener!
They just don’t like a taste of their own medicine :roll_eyes:
Or, as Cpl Jones put it “they don’t like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring!”

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The ‘dead cat on the table’ - anything goes to distract from recent scandals of Mr. Johnsons making. Its election time in the UK and by September in France.
Bad positioning by both sides - but who has more to loose?

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Yes, election time…

Fishing and jersey - I thought we were talking cable stitch.


All fisherman’s jerseys, or guernseys or gansies, have an individual pattern to identify them.


The votes have been counted.
The media’s analysis is confusing and biased - as usual. Can Survive France enlighten us.

p.s. I have searched ebay but nobody seems to offer second hand wall paper

It seems that sovereignty has its limits, because other nations are sovereign too.

Who’d have thought that? :thinking:

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