French Government publish draft emergency legislation setting out what would happen in the event of a No Deal Brexit

Draft French law preparing emergency measures for "hard" #Brexit.
It has yet to be debated, but contains following clauses:
1. After no agreement Brexit, UK citizens become third nation citizens and will be obliged to have a visa to come to France and a carte de sejour to stay.

— Kim Willsher (@kimwillsher1) October 17, 2018

Worst case scenario which could be mitigated by bilateral deal between UK and France.

15. Repeat: this is what automatically happens under French law in event of no-deal Brexit. Will it happen? Who knows. In this draft bill, the French government is mandating itself to pass new laws to address those consequences by decree within 12 months. "Reciprocity" key word.

— Kim Willsher (@kimwillsher1) October 17, 2018

Yes, the link to the full text was posted yesterday (twice, I see) in the wheels falling off thread

I think people would be better advised to read the whole thing, which is actually very reassuring overall, than read selected sexed-up soundbites.


Though the headline still stands… in the event of an entirely avoidable ‘No Deal’ Brexit, the default position for UK citizens seeking to visit France is that they are likely to need a visa and that UK citizens living in France will need to apply, and qualify, for a carte de sejour.

Hardly reassuring?

Just also noticed that the article you linked to is in French. Of course if one lives in France one might be expected to be able to read French but not everyone can and that can hardly be expected of tourists?

But yes, I would have deleted this thread if I’d known but I don’t have the authority to do so.

No problem… the subject can stand a thorough discussion… :relaxed:

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