French Local Elections - any news

Phew… after a nerve-wracking day… we have a decent result.

Our current Maire and 11 of his List have been elected… such a relief as he is a good guy and works hard for the commune…

So, next weekend… 3 seats up for grabs…

How are the rest of you doing ???

Edit: there were 3 lists… so the result is excellent… yippee… roll on next weekend… I’m ready with the sheep-dip…

Just seen our results, 9 elected (7 from the “other” list though). Incumbent maire got a thrashing - not that surprising given the amount of money she spent.

Looks like my duties aren’t quite finished yet, got to do it all again next Sunday - might be self isolating by then…

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this link gives an interactive map of France… so all results can be found… :hugs:

Good result here, the sitting mayor came third so younger blood is guaranteed.
The commune needs some new ideas with all the potential it has.

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Existing team got back in with no serious opposition.
Village of 1000 habitants. Only 51.5% votants.
So we are still leftish/greenish, despite the usual scattering of country conservatives.

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We had 1 list with the usual crew. I don’t know what the turn-out was.

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Only one list, but lots of people on it. New fresh broom mayor got in (thankfully) despite being a Parisian. A couple of people were only on the list to further their own ends (planning permission, road closure etc) and they didn’t make it. But several young newcomers with no hidden agendas did. So good result as far as I’m concerned. 75% turnout.

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Oh dear… who invited them onto the List in the first place… ??? Or is your commune so short of “good” folk… 75% is great!

I’ve been checking the Link to see which of my farflung pals have been re-elected… (most did)… but it’s quite worrying that so many places didn’t manage to elect anybody…

Hoping the 2nd Tour will not be cancelled…

The whole election itself should have been cancelled.

Why… I saw for myself how well the safety restrictions worked in our commune yesterday … and I had already seen all the stuff which was put in place in the surrounding communes to allow folk to vote in safety…

folk knew how to behave and appreciated the care which was taken on their behalf…

Anyone who is on the electoral list can put themselves forward as a candidate, they don’t have to be invited.

As you say… anyone can put themselves forward…

One chap puts himself forward… on his own… every time. This year he found a couple of friends to join him… so he offered a List of 3 people…

We had 2 Lists of 15 plus a List of 3…

The Head of the List takes responsibility for his choice and this is why folk often vote for the entire List rather than pick and choose…

sounds as if you did not actually have a “head of list”… merely the right number of applicants for the vacant seats… which would make more sense than the Head of List choosing “dodgy folk”… Certainly would like to think the Head of List was a better judge of character… :roll_eyes:

All went smoothly here and definitely no way the elections needed to be cancelled. Maybe the second round will be a different matter.
I can’t imagine a better organized setup with hand wash and gloves available at the entrance if required.
Well done to everyone and the Mairie getting his marching orders was the end of a great day for democracy.

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All went smoothly here. Two lists, the outgoing mayor and his closest challenger ftom last time. I thought it would be close but in fact the outgoing mayor got in easily, for his third mandate. Not sure a change and some fresh ideas migjtn’'t have been a good thing but equally, not sure the challenger is the right man. We know we’re in safe hands xith the mayor we’ve got.

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This time, a lot of people took a lot of time, in the booth, scratching out names on one list or another which is why we have a bit of an assortment from both.

Unprecedented 85% turnout!

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Same here… some folk took ages in the “booth”… which held up the entire queue… but folk remained cheerful… thank goodness.

However, when it came to emptying the envelopes etc… it took so much longer than usual to get to the final result of the evening… that really gave some folk the hump and there was an unusual amount of coming/going by smokers etc…

Two elections ago we had two lists, which divided the commune in two and caused massive resentment between the two camps which has never entirely healed. So when our new mayor started his campaign he was determined that there should just be one list, which took some negotiation. And meant that he was not going to prevent anyone from putting themselves on it. In a small commune like ours I think he was sensible.

Hopefully he now knows which folk will be an asset to the commune and which folk will favour their own ends… 6 years is a very long time to have the wrong folk helping to make decisions… :roll_eyes:

Ours is a strange commune in that it has 4500 inhabitants and covers a large area which includes arable, residential plus two large centre commercials, including a big Leclerc. The town center is quite nice but looks run down in comparison.
The locals are fed up with the Mairie concentrating its efforts on the industrial sites where the big money is instead of the hub of the community hence the Big E.
It’s time get the priorities right.